N Korean leader Kim to travel to Vietnam by train for summit with Trump

By James Pearson

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Old school overland train trip, I like it!

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It could take Kim at least two and a half days to travel the thousands of kilometers through China by train, from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to Vietnam

If only China and Vietnam had built an AOC type train, he could do it in a day! Anyway, Kim is setting the example for the rest of us by taking the train even for long distances as we will have no more air travel anyway after... oh wait, that's just for the U.S., China and Vietnam will still have air travel.

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Saw on the news some Vietnamese people are getting hairdos like Kim and Trump. The Kim ones look better, lol.

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I can understand the train. Airplanes sometimes fall from the sky with a little assistance.

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Difficult to believe China is allowing this. They'll have to dedicate track, cancelling many domestic trains.

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@Chip You mean AOC is walking back that one already?

Well, you clearly demonstrated exactly where you fit into my above analysis. HAR! Oh my . . . Tee Hee!

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Kim is getting ready for his next bag of goodies delivered by Trump.

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Not flying? LoL- maybe he supports the Green New Deal too. Didn’t he have to “borrow “ a plane last year to get to Singapore?

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Kim is getting ready for his next bag of goodies delivered by Trump.

He ain't got the first one yet, Super. Oh my...

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