Kim warns N Korea could preemptively use nuclear weapons


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And it would be the last thing North Korea does before it is obliterated in nuclear retaliation.

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So now all the Dictators around the world are just repeating what Putin has already has said. What a bore.

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Me, me, me said the walking dumpling. Don’t think China could / would support a first strike, maybe they could but I doubt it. In fact the more crazy his talk the more concerned China must be.

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Ever wonder why a small dog barks loudly and constantly when surrounded by large dogs which could easily rip it to pieces? Because that's all its got to protect itself, attitude. A country of land area the size of Pennsylvania, USA, a not particularly large state, a population 1/6th that of Russia, 1/14th that of the U.S., and 1/40th that of China, and no overabundance of anything in terms of mineral wealth, and the most rabid dog on the planet constantly snarling at it and blocking its access to economic nutrition. YOU'D bark too.

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He may want to rethink his rhetoric. 'Cause if he stands by this blather, concerned nations must take him at his word. And have license to preemptively take him out.

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What has Kim family been demanding? I almost forgot.

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Kim Jong Un is probably worried that Putin is supplanting him as the world's worst leader.

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This type of logic seems to be working for Putin, as the entire world is afraid of him.

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One US Trident nuclear sub, just one, carries 20 D5 ballistic missiles, with each missile carrying 4-5 multiple independently target-able re-entry vehicle warheads, for a total of 80-100 individual targets...

The US has 14 Ohio-class subs...along with US-based Minuteman ICBMs and nuclear capable B2s.

KJU knows this...more importantly his neighbor China knows this...

He's just blowing more smoke...

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North Korea since inception is the bastard child of Stalin and Mao. Today, it is the bastard child of Putin and Xi. The country has been protected by Russia and China since 1950 and continues to do so. Totally incapable of developing as South Korea has, it can only exist in a perpetual "state of war" regartdless of whether there is any war or not under their Son-Gun (Military first) policy.

Unfortunately, watching the invasion of Ukraine on TV, Kim may be reaching the conclusion that he too can threaten to use Nukes and invade South Korea, and the world be will be afraid to stop him.

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Israel carried out a cyberattack against Iran nuclear facility and damaged it's power grid, I am sure the same could be done to NK and little Kim wouldn't even know it until his toys refuse to get off the ground.

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Stealth bombers ,he will not see them coming

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A sick fantasy. If he really did it he would have to stay in a bunker for the rest of his days, if a week. And his army? They will have to come out of their bunkers to continue fighting if any are left to fight. Of course they will be irradiated.

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this is Kishida fault! teasing NK

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I think Putin has been all the time behind North Korea. e.g.. their advanced missile technology...etc.. and the world just didn't realize it. Kim would chose northern part of the peninsula to be like Donbas rather than ruled by South.

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Kim expressed "firm will" to continue developing his nuclear-armed military so that it could "preemptively and thoroughly contain and frustrate all dangerous attempts and threatening moves

It’s like having the world’s worse cuckoo clock isn’t it?

It doesn’t tell time per se, but it's on a regular cycle. It’s something odd you’ve reluctantly inherited from your grandparents (thanks guys!) that you really didn’t want, but you are stuck with it.

Once a week or so, a loud tinny gong sounds, and the double doors open, to the sound of marshall music.

And out waddles out a figure. Sometimes dressed in sports wear, sometimes in a suit, and sometimes in an over-the-top uniform that makes him look like a Mardi Gras necklace ornament. Once in a great while, he even comes out on a white horse.

The figure stops at the end of the plank, looks around, then jumps up and down, screaming, “pay attention to me, amoeba, I’m dangerous.” Then sometimes he raises both hands and screams, “there can be neither today without yesterday nor tomorrow without today.” And sometimes he stands there for an hour, waves, then turns his back and waddles back, screaming, “if you're not the party, it’s glory isn’t with you.”

And then, once in a great while, a female figure, dressed severely in black, slides out on the plank, stops, then screams, “fear our wrath, O foul spawn of dampness.” Or “do not provoke us, O noxious extrusion of cats.”

I’d have knocked it across the room with my -10 Louisville Slugger (thanks mom and dad!!!) years ago, were it not for the uncomfortable realization that millions of poor, miserable, hungry people depend on this truly demented clock working properly once in a while. (Well, that, and it also hides an ugly spot on the wall that the painters messed up on badly last year).

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What little dogs do is to make friends with a big dog, then try to emulate them, if they are smart. NK is the little dog that wants to be the big dog, but cannot. Too much mental illness in the leadership, so they have a false sense of importance and capability. And nobody close to "Dear Leader" will say anything different, because that would be death.

In another few years, Lil' Kim will be assassinated by his sister. I don't know if she is crazy on the same level - could be that she is and things could be much worse or perhaps she envies having shopping from famous brands in other countries and will try to make NK a state under a re-united Korean rule. Being a governor with access to nice dresses and handbags is better than being a dictator locked in a very poor country with starving citizens and no real hope for the future.

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The AP via Taiwan New is reporting that China has halted all railroad freight traffic with North Korea.

The countries had reopened trade between Dandong and North Korea’s Sinuiju in January following a two-year pause while the North imposed one of the world's most restrictive pandemic border closures despite the strain on its broken economy.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Friday the decision to suspend the freight services was taken “in light of the current epidemic situation in Dandong,” but he gave no other details.

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This type of logic seems to be working for Putin, as the entire world is afraid of him.

I'm not sure that is the case. I am also of the strong opinion that if Russia were to use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine that the western, as in US, UK and French, response would not be a nuclear counterstrike. Consider that B-2s can carry two 7.5 ton conventional high explosive hard target penetrator bombs each, or greater weight of smaller bombs. Each weapon is guided and can be aimed at different targets. One B-2 could take out as many as 120 individual targets in a single sortie depending on the weight of the bombs carried, or drop those two big hard target penetrator bombs on an important command and control center like the Kremlin and just obliterate it and any bunkers buried beneath it. While Russia would see an ICBM / SLBM strike coming and have time to react, launching its own counterstrike (Mutually Assured Destruction) the Russians have no way to detect a B-2 raid. It would be over and their leadership and command and control dead before they knew they were under attack. Russia has no reply for that. And obtw, those B-2s and F-35s can take out Russian ICBM silos blowing them up with smaller but still heavy precision guided hard target penetrator bombs, and F-35s can locate and destroy mobile tactical nuclear missiles on their launchers using their very special sensor package and precision guided munitions designed for exactly that mission. That is one of the very difficult missions that drove all the agony of bringing the F-35 to fruition. F-35 was never meant to be a smoking hot dogfighter. It is really the F-117s replacement, a stealthy ground attack weapon able to fly unseen by the best ground based air defenses and destroy the targets they are protecting, including those very air defense systems and road mobile nuclear weapons.

There was a telling interview on CBS I think, or maybe CNN, with a retired US General. The question was posed to him what does NATO do if Russia starts to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The retired General kind of chuckled and said "that's what the F-35 is for" then said not to worry because there are good people aware of this and who know what to do. He sounded pretty confident. I personally think he has good reason to be confident.

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Israel carried out a cyberattack against Iran nuclear facility and damaged it's power grid, I am sure the same could be done to NK and little Kim wouldn't even know it until his toys refuse to get off the ground.

What Israel accomplished was even more daring. Somehow they arranged for the flooring sold to the Iranian government that was used in their centrifuge rooms to have high explosives incorporated into the tiles. Then the flooring was detonated remotely.

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It's said that in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine had 1,240 nuclear warheads and 176 ICBMs to deliver them. (The Asahi Shimbun: March 2, 2022).

In 1992, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed a protocol to the effect that the three nations except for Russia would become denuclearized by transferring nuclear weapons outside their borders.

North Korea must be watching this fact very closely and learning once again, after Iraq and Libya, what would become of a country once it was found denuclearized.

So, will North Korea agree to denuclearize itself so easily as the U.S. hopes?

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