Last-ditch virus aid talks collapse in U.S.; no new help for jobless


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Both sides should be lined up against a wall and shot!

Both sides, are at fault, and the "spin doctors" will try to lay the blame more heavily on one or the other, yet, BOTH sides are guilty!

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more hardship for millions of people who are losing enhanced jobless benefits and further damage for an economy pummeled by the still-raging coronavirus.

Some among the working and middle class who voted for Trump in 2016 mistakenly thinking he was actually going to challenge the 'elite', the 'establishment' and look out for those at the margins, those struggling because of the inequities in the 'system' must by now see Trump's been the very best president ever for the 'elite' 'establishment'. And that Trump has ignored the working and middle classes to boost the wealth and power of the 'elite' 'establishment', those in his and his family's class.

Hopefully even more voters than the majority of Americans who voted AGAINST him in 2016 will look at the messes the US is so deeply mired in and say the failures are on Trump.

Drain Trump and his fetid swamp.

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The $600 per week was going right back into the economy, paying rents, car payments, food, insurance, utilities, etc. The effect from stopping it will be seen next month.

The Republican position that no one "deserves" that kind of money is a disgrace. No one is staying home instead of working because they are cut off from unemployment benefits if they refuse to return to work or accept a job offer.

Donald Trump admittedly hasn't paid any taxes for a decade or more. The government has no money, it's the taxpayers' money, so he should have no say in this at all.

The unemployment statistics are also a lie. 52 million people are out of work and the total workforce at full strength is 164 million. How can the unemployment rate be 10.1%?

Everything is a lie.

Congress should be defunded. No one in the House or Senate should get a penny, or be allowed to make a penny in any way from any source, so they can understand the plight of people out of work.

$1,200? What is that going to do? You can't rent an apartment in a ghetto for $1,200/month in the US.

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The most affected are those who have no reserves. Watch what happens when millions who have nothing left to lose are forcibly turned out on the streets. Hint: most of the property destruction in the Floyd riots were by done a relatively small number of extremists.

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“It’s clear the economy is losing steam," Schumer said. “That means we need big, bold investments in America to help average folks.”

Average folk?? If you want to help "average folk" at least give them access to free medical treatment in public hospitals like every other developed country in the world. That this sort of basic service is classified as "socialism" in the States is beyond belief.

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Fortunately the past few years have been EXTREMELY profitable to the elites. Particularly the pandemic. Surely they'll share their billions to help the people upon whose backs they have become generationally wealthy. Surely...

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That even after 4 disastrous years of Republican Trumpism a substantial hardcore working-class base still remains loyal to their president and blind to reality is a gut-wrenching testament to the depth of the economic wounds and the psychological hurt that has been inflicted on them by 40 years of neo-liberal "trickle-down" and right-wing gaslighting. This obscene bi-partisan gridlock that now looms over their lives is the salt in their wounds before they set out on their road to Calvary or Damascus in November. Thoughts and prayers...

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Ironically, the elites got wealthy for decades by going to China to manufacture crappy quality at dirt cheap costs while raising prices and closing US manufacturing, throwing US workers out of jobs. The new American dream.

Hey, wait. Larry Kudlow said today that there is no economic slowdown, that everything is going up. And Trump said yesterday that the economy is now a V upturn like he said it would happen.

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Ridiculous to be bickering at a time like this. They should all act like adults and get the job in hand done. Not the time to be scoring party political points

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If Republicans were interested in a real solution, they would have done so by now. We are being played by Republicans and, most of all, Trump. Trump thrives on chaos. He's using the Covid 19 pandemic to create chaos at election time. What better distraction from his total ineptness than to plunge the whole nation into an economic crisis and blame it on Biden and the Democrats? Republicans know they're going to get a shellacking come November so they are reverting to their tried and true method of scorched earth policy. "Burn all the grain and slaughter all the livestock as you walk out the back door". Just like they did when they handed Obama the keys to the presidency.

Trump has the biggest real estate deal in history in his sights. The entire nation under his control with absolutely no oversight, checks or balances. Of course he's going to use his favorite tactic, chaos.  The covid 19 and the collapsing economy are his perfect tools.

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Even with all the crap that was going on with him prior to the election, the brainless majority voted him in, and this brainless majority are the ones that are affected most, but they still support him. Got to wonder...

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"Writing checks" is one of the few things government performs well, one of the core arguments for a universal basic income. Unfortunately, as in this case, the oligarchs who manipulate the easily duped Trump want to make sure they are the only ones receiving easy access to that government largess.

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As soon as you make this about Trump we know you lost the plot. I hate him too, but you lost the plot. Its US vs. all the rich elites of both parties. They don't care about US and they never have. Trump is more like all of them than any of them are like US. We will never win until everyone can see ALL our enemies.

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Of course Trump challenged and continues to challenge the establishment on every level

By giving jobs to his family & chums on every level, watching them sell their access for millions, screwing the taxpayers with their kleptocracy, then occassionally letting them out of prison. That's some 'challenge'. It's next level corruption.

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Time the unemployed start suing.

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Trump wanted admission to the kleptocratic club, he got it. There is no metric that shows corruption decreased during his administration. In fact, he invited them ( Betsy DeVos, Wilbur Ross, Larry Kudlow) to hold the reins of government. These are the vultures overseeing the dismantling of the American republic.

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The plan has been on the table since May, and the GOP disdained even looking at it until 48 hrs before benefits expired, showing thtat they have almost as much concern for the victims of the economic virus they started as the coronavirus they did nothing to stem. They seem to be betting that if COVID-19 doesn't thin the ranks of the poor, that starvation will. Meanwhile, Trump attempts to illegally divert funds from FEMA as a stop-gap just as hurricane season is beginning, with his “person, woman, man, camera, tv" rescue plan.

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Drain Trump and his fetid swamp.

Drain Pelosi and her fetid swamp.

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Drain Pelosi and her fetid swamp.

Show us the evidence of her corruption or investigations into her corruption.

I think I could probably dig up a few news stories of trump staff investigated and in some cases imprisoned over the past 3 years. You might even remember a few of them. Oh, what were their names, help me out here...

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As has been said, the House Dems passed a bill and sent it to the Senate four weeks ago...

Moscow Mitch couldn't get his Repubs in line - they argued, stalled, and now Americans in need get the shaft by their rich, corporate bought Repub representatives...believe me, Mitch and Elaine are doing fine living on all the kickbacks they get from the Chinese companies they colluded with that have set up in Kentucky...

This is what you get when you put Repubs in charge - just like 1991, 2007, and now 2020 - a cratered economy and "who cares" for the little guy...

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By giving jobs to his family & chums on every level,

Liberal failed talking points as usual.

The prime-age labor force has grown by 2.1 million under President Trump

unemployment rate for women reached its lowest rate in 65 years under President Trump

The DOW, S&P 500, and NASDAQ have all repeatedly notched record highs under President Trump

Trump signed legislation securing historic levels of funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, helping low-income families access child care.

$1 trillion has poured back into the country from overseas since the President’s tax cuts.

Just to name a few

And the Democrats will do what besides wanting other people’s money?

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Here is a list of some of the biggest welfare queens in America. Here is a hint:You won't find them in ghettos and they are big friends of Trump.

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Aaah. The old poor people are poor because it’s their own fault argument.

So what have the Dems done to rectify it? For 8 years I didn’t see them lower the cost of healthcare or scrap the dreaded mandate.

Just need to pull up their boot straps and try harder.

For young people, indeed. If we did, we wouldn’t need illegals to come and do it for us. So yes, you can tax people to the hilt and give them free stuff, but for how long. Bezos Money won’t Be the solution in the long run.

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Well, that makes it completely nonsensical.

Well done.

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$1 trillion has poured back into the country from overseas since the President’s tax cuts.

sort of irrelevant now since Trumps economic collapse has lost over $10trillion .

basically Trump wants to pay less money for the unemployed and Pelosi wants to pay more, seems like Trump doesn't care about the 40 million unemployed, cant survive on $200 a week. Trump can sign executive orders to freeze rent payments but all thatll do is send landlords bankrupt, flooding the market with bankruptcy auctions and a housing depression

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By giving jobs to his family & chums on every level,

Liberal failed talking points as usual.

Many conservatives were annoyed that he talked about draining the swamp and then moved Jared and Ivanka in along with the Goldman Sachs sharks.

This is useful non-partisan constructive criticism.

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Many conservatives were annoyed that he talked about draining the swamp and then moved Jared and Ivanka in along with the Goldman Sachs sharks. 

But not nearly as angry when the Dems kept trying to block Trump from pushing for more congressional oversight and the anger he didn’t fire all of the Obama former holdovers

This is useful non-partisan constructive criticism

Everything is partisan, shouldn’t, but it is.

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China is winning the war. And didn't even fire a missile.

This is what the world wants? For the U.S. to tear itself apart?

Russia China India Pakistan Iraq Mexico, must be really relishing in the moment right now.

Its so Obvious.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.

Abraham Lincoln

Its time to form a new government. New parties. One for the people.

I will remain a Republican till then. Lesser of the evil.

I know I used to be Democrat and political campaign Manager in New Hampshire.

Pelosi is pure evil. Hell hath no fury like a woman......... Trump needs to go too. Its time.

The experiment failed.

But for the Democrats here it is. These are not people who believe in American sovereignty or in democracy and more in the current line up. And when "Antifa" marches around chanting, "No border, no wall, no U.S.A. at all," we may be seeing what Democrats now really believe in. It is not in America, or in the American people. They want to replace the American people, with others who would vote for Hugo Chavez. Of course, that is a kind of suicide pact for people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer -- they are the targets, being white, of the new Leftist racism, which wants to disposses, if not massacre, white people (see the yearning for "white genocide"). And Chuck is even Jewish -- just as the Democrats elected a number of raving anti-Semites, acolytes of Louis Farrakhan, to the new Congress. So Nancy and Chuck probably will soon be gone, devoured by their own Revolution. At the moment, they are willing to do or say anything to cling to the last shreds of their power. It's pathetic. Wake up America!

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This is useful non-partisan constructive criticism

Everything is partisan, shouldn’t, but it is.

No, it isn’t. You can read non-partisan sources. You said you’ve read “non-partisan historians“ who regard the Bush 2 years as a success.

They are clearly out there.

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But not nearly as angry when the Dems kept trying to block Trump from pushing for more congressional oversight you're saying Trump pushed for, and continues to push, for more Congressional oversight of his administration?

and the anger he didn’t fire all of the Obama former holdovers

So you're saying Dems are angry Trump DIDN'T fire all Obama appointees?

You seemed to have switched teams...

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Trump and his supporters share the same troubled relationship with logic and reason. An article about the suffering of working Americans in this crisis and how to assist them and their focus is just attacking all the libs who want "free things" and who dare to question the performance of the "dear leader".

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No, it isn’t.

I vehemently disagree.

You can read non-partisan sources.

I always do, that’s what I just did.

-7 ( +0 / -7 ) you're saying Trump pushed for, and continues to push, for more Congressional oversight of his administration?

He has and does, doesn’t mean the House Dems will comply.

So you're saying Dems are angry Trump DIDN'T fire all Obama appointees?

Not at all, who cares what they think, many conservatives were angry he didn’t do that, which is what I loved about Reagan.

You seemed to have switched teams.

No, never, please relax.

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Don't forget money for killing the virus, treatment of patients with the virus, and development of vaccines which help people build immunity to the virus . . . .

Keep up with Avigan, which many countries have adopted,

The US Environmental Protection Agency reported the following products effective against the coronavirus, COVID-19,

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With the collapse of the talks, he said President Donald Trump was now likely to issue executive orders on home evictions and on student loan debt

Oh I know! We can round up all the middle and lower class, and the elderly, and put them in work camps where they can produce things for the rich. And we’ll feed them soup... well.. not good soup, because then they wouldn’t be motivated to work hard for it. And ... I don’t know, we could put them in the state and federal parks, but we would give them tarps and other nice things. It will be terrific...

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I smell revolution in the air.

Treat the people with respect, less they turn on you.

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