Quake detected in N Korea; cause unknown


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Stories like this do nothing but make people nervous and suspicious. If a similar sized earthquake happened here in Japan NO ONE would be reading about it in the news.

More fear-mongering...way to go! (NOT)

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So this is a natural quake and quite a weak one at that. Why make news out of it?

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Not sure but it made news overseas too (BBC, etc).

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This earthquake M 3.4 can be natural and it's nothing in Japan to have this worldly news. But for sure, it's a aftershock vibration of many nuclear experiments NK did in northern region. One day a big one will come and no earthquake infra-structure there. I only hope a big one will comes to they learn those experiments will damage their own land.

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Hope a bunch of those laughing note taking generals were there to record this seismic event

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In a time of launching missiles over Japan, I am interested in potential NK nuclear tests. And actually an earthquake caused by a nuclear underground test in Japan WOULD make the news big time.

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Yubaru, Japan does not test nuclear weapons. DPRK has been testing nuclear weapons and this could be a smaller device capable of being carried on one of their missiles.

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better there than here or a test over the Pacific ocean. It's polluted and ruined by human for years.

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