May tries to calm Brexit rebels; says deal almost done

By Kylie MacLellan and William James

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I still have a feeling that we may be in for a hard brexit. But who knows? The nafta salvation certainly came as a surprise to me, and maybe they'll surprise me and get a good deal too. But I still have my doubts...

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I'd say Theresa May and her party are about "95 percent done" alright, or thereabouts.

They should hold another referendum.

The Brits were lied to, and deceived by foreign agents.

What they're getting is a total dog's breakfast.

Take a proper and secure vote, and move on from there.

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Incapable and incompetent, possibly the most hapless, ineffectual Prime Minster ever to be in office. No quality leadership present at stage of the negotiations. Toe-curling embarrassment.

The Government will publish its next Budget on Monday 29th if you were wondering if the situation could get possibly worse.....Think again

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Incapable and incompetent, possibly the most hapless, ineffectual Prime Minster ever to be in office

Cameron is the architect of this.

Leading the Tory Party when they are scrapping about Europe ( almost always ) is never an easy task. May is the wrong person to get these squabbling clowns to behave.

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Have these rebels actually come up with any effective suggestions or are they just being brexit boo boys for the sake of it?

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Never in the history of Britain has a Prime Minister fought so hard to surrender.

Theresa is deliberately trying to make a complete pig's ear of these negotiations so that the UK essentially gets locked into the EU. It will be interesting to see how the 1922 committee goes tomorrow.


Yes. The Brexiteers in the Tory party have already submitted their suggestions. Even the EU said that their proposal for a Canada-style trade deal would be acceptable, but Theresa May refused it.

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Funny.., all negotiations end up with money issues. As with marriage, a divorce ends up with ownership and money, an exit from EU is just that. Too bad UK is not willing to do what the US can. UK is not in a position to cut ties and negotiate from a position of strength. It too was party to the powers in EU, running some of the critical policies. As with marriage both were complicit in all that happened till Brexit. There is a price top pay.

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I truly envy UK, Nationalism its the new order.

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black joke or sarcasm, right?

Once (and i) they are out of the EU they will miss so much.

"They" should listen to the "normal" population. And the majority does not want a Brexit!

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Liberals: They want democracy until the side they're on loses. Then they want democracy again to fix it.

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Liberals: They want democracy until the side they're on loses. Then they want democracy again to fix it.

Who keeps putting fake news about that Brexit was a confrontation between left/right or liberal/conservative?

This nonsense will not die.

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Liberals: They want democracy until the side they're on loses. Then they want democracy again to fix it.

False, I'm afraid.

Many leftwingers are in favor of Brexit. I know plenty who voted to leave. Jeremy Corbyn himself was no big fan of the EU. Conversely, there are Conservatives who wish to remain.

But be it remain or leave - many people have accepted the vote result. It's a tricky one when the country is divided, especially when it's all demographics.

And liberalism in the UK is a very different kettle of fish to the US. Liberals in the UK are seen as Conservative-lite and ineffective.

And as for democracy? Ask George Soros who he thinks is behind the bomb near his home. A Democrat or a Republican.... this is what happens when falsehoods, conspiracy theories and the like are promoted and not questioned. People get targeted.

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95 per cent of the Withdrawal Agreement and its protocols are now settled

I highly doubt that. Most of what we wanted, May floundered and surrendered on. She took concession after concession after concession, and now Brexit is hardly worth bothering with anymore. The only upside we have left is that we'll be free from unnecessary EU regulations, or at least we ought to be.

@CrazyJoe: We weren't lied to, people just made the wrong assumptions. They blame the campaigners because it's easier to blame others than to admit fault. Another referendum will be pointless. No matter the outcome, people will still cry deception.

@Tangerine2000: Finally! Someone who can see the wood for the trees! So many people seem blind to the fact that Theresa May has done nothing but sabotage Brexit since she came to power. It's as if they've forgotten the fact that she was an advocate of Remaining and therefore doesn't want to Leave at all. "I'll deliver the Brexit you voted for" she claimed, as she masterminded a plan to destroy it all.

@Klausdorth: I think you need to talk to more of the "normal people" mate. You'll find that the majority did want to leave, that's why they voted for it. They're sick of the way the EU imposes all manner of unnecessary rules and regulations upon British people and businesses, which have had dire consequences for many small businesses, all without giving us any say in the matter. A democracy that doesn't give the people the chance to exercise their power? That denies their right to vote on matters that affect them? That's not democracy, that's dictatorship. The majority of normal British people know this, and they voted out because of it.

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@Fox Sora Winters

When May first became Prime Minister, I believed her Lancaster House speech. However, I now realize that she has been put in place by the establishment to prevent Brexit at all costs. I think it's a possiblity that May was selected even before the referendum to act as a back-up plan in what the elites thought was an extremely unlikely situation. She doesn't have any leadership qualities at all, which leads me to believe that someone else is pulling the strings.

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However, I now realize that she has been put in place by the establishment to prevent Brexit at all costs.

Heh, shall we break out the tin-foil? If anything she was a closeted Brexiteer.

May could have put a stop to the insanity at once. Instead, "Brexit means Brexit" - Theresa May

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The remain campaign Britain Stronger in Europe/Best for Britain/ Open Britain failed from day one to establish the purpose and benefits from the EU project.

Most importantly from UK membership.

Understand, I am not a remainder.

However over a couple of Gin and Tonics heading the remain campaign, my first instinct is to establish what the European Union actually stands for?

And then to decisively hammer home how the EU has influenced British jobs, created and sustained inward investment membership had brought.

Also the lifestyle choices of one million plus UK citizens living, prospering, in mainland Europe had achieved.

Hi Jimizo, Cameron/Osborne 2016 remain campaign, the appalling deficient inadequacy was then mirrored by Theresa May, with all its hideous glory, in the 2017 election.

To add insult to injury, enter stage left, an epiphany of frightfully dreadful gruesome political has-beens, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Clegg and all the odious metropolitan elite flunkies in tow, Gina Miller.....

What is left is the peoples vote, a cynical unprincipled attempt to overturn the original vote. A crooked preferendum. whilst demonising seventeen million as racist “Brextremists” …....Does anyone seriously believe that this strategy will succeed in changing minds???

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