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More than 200 dead after M7.1 earthquake hits central Mexico

By David Alire Garcia and Adriana Barrera

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Oh no....

RIP, to the departed.

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Sending whatever they need would be the appropriate thing to do. Let's hope our government acts accordingly.

In Houston the Mexican government did help, and Mexican individuals also helped. 

I hope we do as much.

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Twice in such a short time... RIP to the victims, and good luck to everyone affected.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter: "God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you."

Seems like Trump's Twitter account got hacked !

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Awful, hoping for lots of rescues!!!

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Now THIS is the kind of thing I'd like to see Japan offer money and assistance for, and it has for similar things in the past, in the region, instead of landlocked African countries for return favors, or billions in aid to other nations for possible future infrastructure deals. Japan is going to suffer a very, probably MUCH similar fate in the near future. Not if, but when, and we're going to need all the hope, help, and prayers we can get. It would be nice if everyone could help out in some way. All most of us can do here is try to donate, as well as with Irma, and other recent disasters.

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as if mexicans don't have enough tragedy, this happens. as usual, agree with @smith.

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The widescreen videos of the city and various buildings just toppling over is astounding and so terrifying. I spent a year in Mexico and this is very hard to see. The poor people there really already do just struggle to feed, house, and clothe their own daily.

They need all the aid and help they can get. Now is a good time for the US to show its support of Mexico.

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Tough time and sadness to Mexico, I only want to support my friends dwelling there will recover this tragedy and God speed!

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Terrible. Same magnitude as our Kumamoto quake, which brought down every block wall in the city. After experiencing that 7.1, I can now imagine the horror of what would happen to a block building. (And Kumamoto is on solid bedrock resulting from Aso eruptions, while Mexico City is built on an ancient lake bed.)

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Tough deal for those in Mexico. I consider myself a Christian - not radically religious and certainly I do not believe all written in the Bible but I do believe in God. With that said may God be with the Mexican people.

Considering the above and additionally considering all the other crazy stuff going on in the world it seems strangely similar to what I read in Revalation........the world is certainly going through some tough times.

From what I know about Mexico City I understand some seismic retrofitting was done and seismic considerations are taken into account for new construction but from what I heard the surrounding cities and villages - not so much.

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Thank you all for your good vibes, and I am very sorry to tell you about it, but if wanna donate $$ please do it through companies not government, corruption in Mexico is so bad, in the previous earthquake politicians keep all the food and things donated, and distribute the help to promote for the elections (nasty thing) and some of the food was already expired, some people just received cookies or Twinkies instead of food. I feel so ashamed to tell you about it, but I preferred you to help people donating good vibes, praying or donating through companies, I think Honda Mexico has this support, and soon Mazda, Sumitomo, maybe Toyota, etc.. Thanks again everybody!! God bless you all.

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On the anniversary of the 1985 Earthquake too - now there's double

Many Mexicans had taken part in earthquake drills on Tuesday as is customary every Sept. 19

So many people thought the real earthquake alarms were still part of the drills

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Now is a good time for the US to show its support of Mexico.

It's a good time for the global community to show support for Mexico.

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