More than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers go on strike

By Dan Whitcomb and Jane Ross

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Underpaying the people who shape your child's mind for 12+ yrs isn't exactly smart.

But I'm confused why a teacher would be against charter schools if they really care about providing the best possible education to students?

Illegal immigrants add to California school population:

Perhaps 3 percent of students are themselves undocumented, and 12.3 percent have a parent who is undocumented.

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Charter schools are simply another way to suck money from tax payers. The effects of the privatization of our prison system should be a warning.

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Charter schools are simply another way to suck money from tax payers.

How so? The parents who pull their child out of the public system are simply getting the money which would have been allocated to their child in public system transferred to the charter school. Neither the taxpayers nor the public system are any worse off by giving them the freedom to choose.

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Union negotiators demanding 6.5% pay raise.

With SocCal inflation at 4% and U.S. national average at 2.5%, this is pure greed and extortion. How much of that 6.5% is going into union coffers? Just goes to show how teachers unions are setting good example to students.

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With a house in LA around 450,000 dollars, I cannot imagine how they can live and work there.

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