Netanyahu and Bolton discuss Iran nuclear program


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with Iran the focus of talks.

The US seems to have an almost perverted obsession with Iran, kinda like a stalker.

Why does this one country, 20,000 miles away, that has no bearing on the lives on average Americans get so much attention from the US government?

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Why does this one country, 20,000 miles away, that has no bearing on the lives on average Americans get so much attention from the US government?

Follow the money

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So, the new strategy is deflection. Bolton said in that interview that Brennan was using his clearance to leak classified information, but he had no proof. Bolton in that same interview also said that the US elections in 2016 was probably meddled with by either China, Iran, or North Korea, so one of those countries possibly wanted Dump to become president. Doesn't make sense, right?

Bolton, another LARPer with no military experience, wants to play war games with another country to distract from the failings and corruption of this administration that he is a major part of (ala axis of evil).

Bolton paraphrase:

Let's leave the white Europeans alone because it will confuse the base and reelection efforts, but the vilifying of Asians in the east and Middle East is something all the US racists and war mongers can easily get behind.

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This is a dangerous scenario , Boltons past history with NPAC and now NEOCON and all those involved, and their aims for America is scary. Which ever way they try to sugarcoat it , the US has always had plans for a regime change in Iran, mostly to get control over their oil. Israel is the biggest player in wanting conflict with Iran, so is this a strategy meeting on to how to play it out, without causing a backlash from rest of the World. Bolton and Pompeo are two dangerous individuals who along with others in the US, who think that America should control the World, how sick.

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the Iran nuclear weapons program and ballistic missile programs are right at the top of the list," Bolton said.

There is absolutely no evidence that Iran has a "nuclear weapons program". There is evidence that Iran may have been interested in developing nuclear weapons until 2003, or (less likely) until 2009. Bolton and Neyanyahu both know this, but lying is a better fit for their ideologies and political ambitions.

The agreement that the U.S. pulled out of was designed to keep Iran from restarting anything like a nuclear program. And it was working. Iran was in full compliance, regardless of what warmongers like Bolton and Netanyahu and psycho Tom Cotton (and Obama haters like Trump) have said about it.

Now there is no mechanism for the United States to put the brakes on any potential future moves by Iran (were they to want to), short of war. Economic sanctions will only increase anti-American sentiment in Iran and strengthen the power of the hard-liners.

There are a lot of people who forget that the '79 revolution was a direct result of American and British support for a '53 coup that overthrew a democratically elected government and for the oppressive regime that followed. Iranians have not forgotten that.

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I bet the words "peaceful solution" did not form part of the conversation.  Netyanhu:  Yet to see a war he did not want the Americans to fight.

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