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New Zealand confirms 1st case of coronavirus; Australian health minister urges calm


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So how does what they said differ from what America said? Strangely, this article had zero comments for 1.5 hrs even it’s about coronavirus.

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The Australian government and health authorities have been consistently calm and measured in their public statements about the coronavirus. Of course we haven't had that many cases yet and it remains to be seen to what extent they'd keep their cool if we had a sudden spike in numbers.

So how does what they said differ from what America said?

You're right, and even though I'm not a Trump fan I thought his "no need for panic" statement the other day was exactly what's required from a world leader in the current situation.

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Southern Hemisphere is in summer, I think they have very little to worry about.

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"Although we have our first case of COVID-19, the chances of community outbreak remain low," the ministry said, where have we heard those famous words before?

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Australia is the most strict country , I have been to regarding health & food issues, I remembered , even a cup ramen cannot pass Australian customs, maybe they already found the cure. The Australian Chinese population is huge. if the Australians can remain calm, it could mean something good can be found. Singapore is very hot, yet we are the number 3 in the corona virus position and fines have been imposed in singapore to breaking of those rules. Nothing remains low until we find a antidote. Pls wake up people.

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A few days ago there was a JT'eer showering praises onto NZ, as if they had "armoured" the entire country; of course this in contrast with Japan, a country that can only do wrong.

Who's yer daddy now?

Let's just sit tight and start counting, as the numbers will go up.

Disclaimer: Not that I wish the numbers to increase as we're ALL at risk; however, certainly they will.

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Australia introduced emergency measures on Thursday to restrain the spread of the disease which has infected about 80,000 people worldwide and killed more than 2,700.

What a difference a day make. Today, Australia activated its emergency plan, which basically the same as if a pandemic is here.

I don't know if the Australian government has access to 'more' info or not (there's certainly a lot of exchanges of people to/from China/Australia).

Apparently specialist customs are gearing up to test all risky arrivals (if not already). They quarantined the Chinese women's team for two weeks a whike back and wouldn't release them until tests all came back negative.

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Fairly warm in NZ right now. Most viruses would not last.

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But Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese people. Despite that fact, the cases are not that high. Statistically, warmer climates has less of cases of Coronavirus.

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So let's ban all Iranians from entering New Zealand, since one guy returns from Iran and tests positive for the virus.

But, let's let Chinese, Italians, Koreans and Japanese continue to be allowed in, even though these countries have also confirmed community spread.

If a national from flying in from one of the above countries tests positive will nationals from that country also be banned?

These measures make absolutely zero sense! What's the point of banning entry from a country once somebody from there enters with the virus? Isn't it too late by then, especially considering the viruses often long incubation period and asymptomatic nature.

This sounds politically motivated.

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New Zealand confirms 1st case of coronavirus; Australian health minister urges calm

Calm! Are they ou kidding? Everyone else in the world is panicking to the point of irrationality. Why on earth would the New Zealanders want to be calm?

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You people have no basis for saying virus do spread in the summer, think of all the virus spread by mosquitoes too people, they will probably be spreading the virus from infected animals this summer

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Why on earth would the New Zealanders want to be calm?

And why on earth would they take the advice directed at Australians by the Australian health minister?

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