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New coronavirus case escalates U.S. response

By Don Thompson

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I have total respect for the scientists, engineers, medical professionals and technicians at all levels working for the CDC. They have long shown their expertise. Their efforts have saved many lives.

CDC employees have worked with other disease control agencies' equally qualified personnel around the world whose efforts have also saved many lives.

I hope the findings of the world's various disease control agencies are accurately and honestly reported to the public, and the political/business class 'establishment' don't distort them. Truth now. Then serenity.

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All of our professionals who work in government should be recognized for the superb job they do day in and out; not attacked, smeared and disparaged by this administration and its lap-dog vicious right wing hate machine. They also shouldn't be muzzled and censored from speaking.

Yet that is what is happening today. The Trump administration is mimicking Xi and his efforts to white-wash and control the narrative by only offering "state-approved" information - preventing CDC experts from talking to the media unless "approved".

We get closer to "1984" every day under this wanna-be dictator.

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They are not too worried, for now, about casual contact, because federal officials think the coronavirus is spread only through "close contact, being within six feet of somebody for what they're calling a prolonged period of time,"

Compared to Tokyo subway in which there is direct contact within 6 centimeters face to face. This suggests that you avoid subways, airplanes, buses, etc. but maybe are better off driving everywhere.

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A taste of what is happening , in a capitalist country. Just one case, what happen to this is America ???. Too safe and strange , no comments ???.

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