Nobel literature prize won't be awarded this year due to sexual abuse scandal


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The Nobel is considering cancelling all the awards for 2018

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All too often the prize is a joke, awarded from a limited and elitist viewpoint as to what constitutes "Worthy Literature".

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What a charade.

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In my opinion, it was the correct one. Not only is the Academy's reputation currently too sullied, but the remaining members do not have the collective competence, since they have lost most of the members with the deepest literary expertise.

What needs to happen now is that an outside commission has to be tasked with the work of reforming the Academy. The current working members are unable to reform themselves.

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Ok. I hope they get their house in order.

As for the legitimacy of the Nobel Prize in general, I've never accepted all the just-who-do-they-think-they-are snipping. They are a group of people with a particular view of things giving money to support people they think advance their shared view and goals.

Its called "Civil Society." If you don't like it, well, I don't know to say.

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Hardly anyone is going to care, so degraded have the nobel prizes become.

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I bet the Murakami fans are crying. Again.

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