North Korea fires missile after Harris leaves South Korea


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Again they don't tell us where the missiles landed.

Provocations ?

Let's not be hypocritical kamala.

You want North Korea to give up it's nuclear weapons so the same thing that happened to Ukraine can happen ?

USA loves to get involved in conflicts .

Don't forget that its the USA that intervened from the two Korea's from signing that peace treaty.

Is the north Korean testing schedule really have absolutely anything to do with her visit ?

If you were responsible for defending your country would you give up your means to defense ?

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You want North Korea to give up it's nuclear weapons so the same thing that happened to Ukraine can happen ?

I doubt Russia is looking to invade North Korea, but I can not be certain of that. Putin is very unstable.

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That’s unfortunate as she had just commended the US alliance with North Korea.

Vice President Kamala Harris commends US alliance with 'Republic of North Korea' in DMZ speech gaffe

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Done as a child would. No surprise. Pay attention to me! I'm a big boy!

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I get it, so these so called toy missiles must be little kim's Hanabi celebrating the VP arrival and departure.

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Must be close to it’s shelf life end

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Hey everybody! Look at me!! I’m still here!!

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Kim had to waste an extra 2 missiles because he was upstaged by Hurricane Ian on the first 2 he launched. North Korea is run by a self centered child. Pay them no mind at all and it will drive the man child Kim crazy.

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I doubt Russia is looking to invade

I was referring to anyone that might want to invade North Korea if they gave up their nuclear weapons .

I doubt Russia would too

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US alliance with the republic of North Korea

What a bunch of trollop !

The US isn't an ally of North Korea .

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