N Korea fires more projectiles as nuclear talks stall

By Kim Tong-Hyung

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"If the South and North could create a peace economy through economic cooperation,"

and The North's reply:

N Korea fires projectiles twice into sea,

LOL, what a moonie

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So much winning.

Kim is Trump's bestie, so expect these tests to continue.

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Zero progress. All concessions.

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More missile threat harassments to intimidate U.S. to withdraw from the peninsula and SK to agree to unification under NK terms.

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And this is the country that Moon is so excited about embracing? Talk about poor judgment.

The S. Koreans should cut and run at the earliest possibility and replace Moon with somebody else.

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Good thing Trump loves North Korea so much. Because there is literally nothing else salvagable from this situation.

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Good job , North Korea. But not only N.Korea ,Pls world fire all missiles towards America.

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China and the CCP controlling agents within the Kim regime is once again using its proxy province NoKo to launch couple of short-range ballistic missiles to use a leverage in the China-America trade confrontation.

Moments later Mnuchin and Trump counters directly into the heart of China’s currency manipulation:

Trump's dancing with the Red Dragon with political stratagems continues...

Xi devalues Yuan/Renminbi = Xi then get hit by Trump with tariffs = China tells NoKo to launch missiles = Xi gets hit with by Trump with WTO/IMF designations...

Unfortunately for Xi, Trump has larger economic rockets than China. Here is a fine video by Kyle Bass who goes into details the wide range of spectrum in regards to what economic ammunitions that Trump possesses in his repository that will be way more devastating than little Un's missiles.

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