Opposition party on track to win Australian election


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Probably outdated headline already, Morrison has already called Albanese to concede.

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Labor has won, the only question now is whether it will be a majority or a minority government. Big win not only for Labor, but also for the Greens, the teal independents and for climate change issues generally. ScoMo resigned as leader and Frydenberg odds-on to lose his seat. Interesting three years coming up.

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Goodbye to bad rubbish and fingers crossed for the future.

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Thank god !

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Good riddance, Scummo. His constant ad man speak was eventually despised by the electorate. He has taken down a good portion of the party with him, and the few sensible, moderate voices that were there.

Good luck Albo. Risen to the top job from housing estate beginnings with a single Mum. First non Ango-Celtic name for an Aussie PM. Tough gig ahead with a mountain of foreign debt and all sorts of issues left by Scummos government.

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Morrison conceded

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One has to wonder what this means for AUKUS and Australia's submarine program?

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Australia has no buying power to afford a single nuclear submarine.

Austtralia has no nuclear industry to support the task. They built swedish designed diesel electric submarine, they do have barely little experience in building subs but thats not enough, their "Gotland" class was far from perfect, for long run their program will suffer a cost overrun and thats the end of the story. Canada attempted to build or acquire nuclear attack subs back in late 80s, they gave up in early90s, too expensive, unaffordable!

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@elephant, I think you may have missed the part about the proposed nuclear sub program where Australia is saying they want to learn how to make them and build the capability in Australia to build and support them. No, Australia does not have that ability today but looking at how dangerous their part of the world is becoming they logically think they need to develop that capability and do so as rapidly as possible. Just saying oh poor me, we can't do this is defeatist. Yes I think the Australians can do it if they put their minds to it.

Canada attempted to build or acquire nuclear attack subs back in late 80s, they gave up in early90s, too expensive, unaffordable!

Canada does not have the high enriched uranium necessary for a nuclear submarine reactor and because of arms control agreements was unable to obtain it from the US or UK. The same reason killed the South Korean nuclear sub program. Low enriched uranium doesn't have the power density and the cores do not last as long, requiring periodic replacement which is very expensive. Modern high enriched uranium cores last the expected life of the sub, over 30 years. Canada never had access to high enriched uranium, nor does South Korea.

The French apparently are blowing off arms control agreements to help Brazil build a class of nuclear subs and now the US and UK have done the same to allow Australia to build them. To the best of my knowledge the US and UK are going to foot some of the bill for Australia to obtain nuclear subs mainly by sparing the Australia the high cost of all the lessons learned by the US and UK over decades of building nuclear subs. They will be handed that knowledge gratis, and brother that knowledge did not come cheaply! The Australians could also pay for life extensions and refuelings on a half dozen Los Angeles Class subs for less than they are planning to spend extending the lives of the Collins Class. They would be wise to do so. It would be a huge and immediate improvement in their submarine force. Even and old LA Class boat is better than any sub in the PLAN.

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