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Palestinians say Israeli troops fired at people seeking food; Israel says scene was deadly stampede


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Fake news.

The convoy trucks driven by Palestinian Arabs plowed into a crowd killing dozens.

Later, a crowd attacked IDF soldiers who defended themselves killing about 10 people.

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No surprise really is it to anyone with functioning grey matter.

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You got to love the headlines! LOL

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This place is pro Hamas and anti-Semitic!

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So when will the world say " enough is enough"

It's a disgrace plain and simple.

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Fake news.

You can call it whatever you like except this time is really well that massacre is well documented



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You can call it whatever you like except this time is really well that massacre is well documented

It is well-documented by the IDF what happened, and I saw the video too, and the reality is a Palestinian Arab convoy plowed into a crowd killing people.

“We didn’t open fire on those seeking aid. Contrary to the accusations, we didn’t open fire on a humanitarian aid convoy, not from the air and not from land. We secured it so it could reach northern Gaza,” he said.

IDF estimates 10 people were killed when they attacked IDF members.

Remember the 500 people killed in the hospital bombing that turned out to be a result of an Islamic Jihad misfired rocket? Same Hamas propaganda here. You'll see the real story come out.

Anyway, those people shouldn't even be there in the first place. They were given the opportunity to leave long ago. They want to remain and support Hamas? That's their choice, and this is their result.

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Down votes, prove my point! Thank you! LOL

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Occupier, either targeting people in hungry waiting for food or targeting convoy that brought supply. That also well documented.


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You can call it whatever you like except this time is really well that massacre is well documented

yes. Exactly.

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IDF are proven liars.

Shots fired from a great distance...no threat to IDF.

The hospital bombing {"Hamas rockets "}" has been DISPROVED in a complete analysis by "Forensic Architecture "

Time to admit IDF "soldiers "" are sociopathic ....and perverse....witness the Tic Tok videos of IDF members rummaging in the underwear draws of women whose houses have been destroyed.

Too common to be dismissed as the actions of a few.

Something sick in the state of Israel.

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GuruMick- Excellent post!

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This place is pro Hamas and anti-Semitic!

No, pro-humanity and anti-genocide.

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Not surprised at all, this Anarchy IOF has done every thing no other lawless army has ever done.

It has Bombed, Sieged, then attacked & killed civilians at Churches, Mosques, Hospitals, Seniors Centers, Pre Schools, High Schools, Shelters, Homes, Food Distribution and Aid Trucks, Water Tankers, Food Distributions Centers, even donkey and horses are targeted.

Netanyahu will someday face the ultimate judge.

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*US cannot continue funding Netanyahu war machine’: Bernie Sanders** The US senator has condemned Israel’s killing of 112 people seeking aid in northern Gaza. “Children are starving in Gaza. Instead of opening up the borders and allowing humanitarian aid to come in, Israeli soldiers are shooting people who are desperately trying to get food off of trucks,” he said in a post on X.*

Bernie Sanders description above is accurate. Over 100 dead and over 700 wounded by the IDF killers for the crime of being hungry ( starved ) and lining up for food. Another heinous war crime. And still the Biden admin continues to send Naziyahoo more weapons to kill more civilians and block ceasefire votes at UNSC. More and more Jewish people are protesting against Naziyahoo and Gaza carnage joining the rest of the world in condemning the unprecedented genocide. The IDF excuse for this massacre seems to be pretty thin according to the news reports -

"However, witnesses’ stories appeared incompatible with the suggestion the soldiers who fired on the crowd had done so out of fear. IDF troops allegedly opened fire twice – waiting until the first aid-seekers had returned to the truck from hiding to shoot them again, according to Kamel Abu Nahel, who talked to the reporters from his bed in Al Shifa Hospital "

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""This place is pro Hamas and anti-Semitic!""

Let me just correct this,

Can't be anti-Semitic sine the Palestinians who make the Majority of Hamas Fighters are also SEMITIC, LOL

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30,000 killed. 80% civilians. 75% of Gaza was destroyed.

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Fake news. The convoy trucks driven by Palestinian Arabs plowed into a crowd killing dozens.

Later, a crowd attacked IDF soldiers who defended themselves killing about 10 people.

Fake news" post selectively twisting the facts.

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Today  07:34 am JST

This place is pro Hamas and anti-Semitic

No this place is pro humanity anti genocide!

In what world is slaughtering starving civilians trying to get food OK other than in the Zionist genocidal dream???

Absolutely disgusting but not surprising from these animals!

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At least 112 people were killed

And the manner of their deaths is:

“Most of the people that were killed were rammed by the aid trucks during the chaos and while trying to escape the Israeli gunfire,” Al Za’anoun said.


Credit to CNN for getting most of the story straight even at this early hour.

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This latest outrage, the IDF firing live bullets into a seething mass of defenseless, starving people cries out for us to seek a comparable precedent in history and, to nobody's surprise, one is hard to find in the pre-internet era. The obvious comparison is the persecution of European Jews, first under Apartheid laws and then finally their physical extermination. However, the Germans and their European accomplices were so ashamed of what they were doing to remove Jews from the lands they occupied that they kept the killings top secret and forbade photography and filming to hide the horrors of the Holocaust until they lost WW2 and the world could not believe the sadistic cruelty it discovered whereas now in Gaza and the West Bank the Israelis are absolutely shameless and merciless in destroying human life, property and all the social infrastructure that supports human life in full view of the world's gaze and in contemptuous violation of all measures for the protection of human life that the ICJ interim ruling stipulated. This time much of the bestial inhumanity and many of the horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the MMAITW ("most moral army in the world") that have made a hell on earth of Gaza have been captured on film and photograph for all the world to witness in real time and provide prima facie evidence of heinous war crimes. Netanyahu's people and his Western enablers in genocide will go down on the blackest pages of history, if not down into hell.

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30,000 killed. 80% civilians. 75% of Gaza was destroyed.

You gotta pump those up! Those are rookie numbers!

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He was shot in the leg and fell over, and then a truck ran over his leg as it sped off, he said.


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IDF opened fire on people. It's on camera. And this is in Gaza City where IDF command claim they have neutralised. Moreover, al-Rashid Street which is an announced aid distribution point.

Must be the first stampede with bullet riddled corpses. Footage on SM of a donkey drawn cart carrying bodies away and worse.

1 in 4 people is in immediate danger of death by starvation.

This was mass-killing of starving, desperate people. A cold-blooded massacre. Bottomline.

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The "truck ramming people " and the "stampede " narratives ignore medical personnel on the scene who said "the dead and injured had bullet wounds and injuries caused by tank fire "

Lies on here and by the IDF take about 1 minute to disprove.

Give up already.

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How does anyone in their right mind believe that the "most (im)moral army in the world" is "covering itself in glory by killing and maiming another 100 plus starving Palestinians to add to the 40,000+ (including the uncounted for rotting under the rubble) and maiming and wounding tens of thousands more women and children, not to forget the men, too. This biblical "Amalek" slaughter must stop, but who in the West will put an end to this living hell before our eyes?

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I don't understand why IDF soldiers would even fear for their lives to the point of opening such a heavy amount of fire on hundreds of people. Palestinians are literally starving and supplies are incredibly limited, of course huge crowds of them are going to rush in to get whatever they possibly can. They're there to survive, not try to kill a bunch of clearly-armed soldiers. Somebody could sneeze in the direction of an IDF solider and it'd prompt them to freak out and start shooting, complete incompetence.

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Emerson Polling this week, Youth do not like GAZA Genocide, Trump winning all 7 swing states outside margin of error.

More headlines like today, only make US Youth, Muslims and Arabs more angry about Gaza Genocide, will not support Biden, rather voting Uncommitted or 3rd party.

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Can't be anti-Semitic sine the Palestinians who make the Majority of Hamas Fighters are also SEMITIC, LOL

Here we go again. Antisemitic/antisemitism is a German construct from the 19th century and was meant to apply ONLY to Jews. The whole history is explained in wiki, here:


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One more coward event, more than 30,000 Palestinians were killed, more than 70,000 were injured, it is a clear war crime the collective punishment of the civilians, children, women, elderly, sick people are being crushed by Israel. How can the entire world see this daily massacre without being outraged by the exaggerated action of Israel? No one approves Hamas terrorist attack, but the response is being several times worst and this will feed continuously the desire to revenge with growing violence. A ceasefire and retreat of Gaza Strip has to be immediately, and the creation of the Palestinian State to shelter the people there in the OPT Occupied Palestinian Territories (Israel must return the territories to their original owners)

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IDF opened fire on people. It's on camera.

Context is crucial. I recall over 1200 points of context as of last October.

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30,000 killed. 80% civilians. 75% of Gaza was destroyed.

You gotta pump those up! Those are rookie numbers!

Oh, how edgy.

Oh, wait…How childish.

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Oh, how edgy.

Not trying to be edgy. IDF has almost reached its target. Once Hamas is gone, the fighting can stop. The sooner this is over, the better.

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Israeli massacre of Palestinian aid seekers in Gaza condemned globally. But is it enough? What must be done for this Genocide to end.

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