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Pence spends weekend at home after exposure to infected aide


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Best wishes Mr Vice President...

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I wonder if he'll wear a mask now?

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I hope he doesn’t have it.

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Thoughts and Prayers to vice-president Pence.

I hope Mother makes you the most delicious chicken soup East of the Mississippi.


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CNN is currently reporting "Pence will not self-quarantine"


By Jeremy Diamond, Paul LeBlanc and Kevin Liptak, CNN

Updated 0007 GMT (0807 HKT) May 11, 2020

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Politicians, by he nature of their job, have to meet many people and thus are more likely to be exposed to the bug. I think in the end, most of us will though. I hope they make progress on the many treatment options that are being tried now.

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is he going to get FIRED now ?

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I wonder if he'll wear a mask now?

It depends on whether the man-child gives him permission to wear one.

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CNN is currently reporting "Pence will not self-quarantine"

Is he going to pray the virus away? Does that mean it will be business as usual, and he'll continue with meetings with the man-child?

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I thought he was being watched by Jesus and Science didn't apply. It says in the 13th commandment "thow shallnt get coronavirus" according to Moses.....or something. Sorry I don't read the Bible but saw it in the movie Holy Moses

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How can this guy get tested every single day in USA, while ordinary people in Japan get refused for testing?

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After Miller was identified as having tested positive, Trump said he was “not worried” about the virus spreading in the White House.

I just do not understand how Trump can say this after seeing how infectious this virus is. I understand if he wants to present himself as not worrying (i.e. try not to show weakness) but what he said is completely ignorant. It would have better to just say

".....due to the fact that Miller tested positive we are taking all necessary precautions..." or something like that

Saying what he did makes him look foolish.

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Why is anyone down voting posts wishing Pence well? Foul.

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Still no mask? No pity.

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