Pentagon to cut $300 million in aid to Pakistan

By Asif Hassan

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Forget Pakistan, put the 300 million back to one of your poorest states vs a country that is not even supportive of the US. I'm pretty sure there are poor states in the US that could use the 300 million for infrastructure repairs or state aid projects.

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No big loss. Most of the money ends up in the coffers of some corrupt politicians and bureaucrats anyway.

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Pakistan won't even allow free speech, why should the US give them aid with all the corruption.

Govt officials were laughing about what they were going to personally buy with all the money every year as they planned the limited "terrorists" round-ups for any locals who wouldn't fall in line.

12 girls schools were burned in August. An educated woman is too scary for fundamental Islam to allow? Source:

According to a report, about 1,500 schools have been destroyed in the tribal belt during the last 10 years.

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They should cut off all military aid to Pakistan.

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Why would an Islamic country cooperate with the US?

There is no good reason....

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Exceptional as well as remarkably effective by utilizing economic leverage to manage national security involvement.

Pres. Trump's multi-faceted geopolitical compromises is like small gears that connects on a much larger machine. This latest strategy applying to Pakistan has two-fold purpose. The nature of this doctrine is to first hold devious influential connections liable for regional impacts. While at the same also applied to stop any depraved influence from tyrannizing free expression of national values adhered by the acquiescent, enchained citizens within the nation being manipulated.

You see the sub-sequential maneuver will have consequential effects on China who is currently America's top priority economic as well as geopolitical foe. Back sometime in 2017 when Tillerson was the Secretary of State (presently Pompeo) asked Pakistanis involvement to bring Taliban to the table in Afghanistan but the cooperation never materialized.

Enter China, who is Pakistan's top economic confederate and principal investor. When Pres. Trump detached the 900mil financial aid to compel Pakistan towards a political resolution in Afghanistan, China has to come to the its partners aid. Indeed China had formal discussions with the World Bank about a rescue financial package to Pakistan. This strategy forces China to bleed financially in addition to their current trade war with the US.

While $900 million bailout to Pakistan was halted, simultaneously Pres. Trump permitted Defense Secretary Mattis a 300 million financial aid to Pakistan at his discretion if verifiable affirmative steps will be taken by Pakistan. As of today, DOD announces that Pakistan have not change their behavior. Pakistan thinks that China will save the day instead. Therefore Pakistan will bleed China financially dry while at the same Pres. Trump exposes China's indirect involvement with Pakistan's tribal extremist through a disguise method by way of financial bailout.

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Yet, another great example of the Trump Doctrine at work: He's once again applying economic sanctions instead of military might.

Bravo, Mr. President.

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Well, we mostly agree that why should we "support" countries that aren't getting their acts together for the financial support the US gives them? They've literally been given years if not decades to improve yet haven't. So cut them off.

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Some analysts warn there may be no real way to pressure Islamabad and say a suspension in aid could see the U.S. lose crucial influence over Pakistan which will instead look to other countries for support, particularly its longtime ally China.

That's a main problem of the US Government. The trade deficit and NATO contribution problems are all relating the previous the US Governments wanting to influence over another country. The US Government is buying friends with aid money and not making bilateral friendship.

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Govt officials were laughing about what they were going to personally buy with all the money every year as they planned the limited "terrorists" round-ups for any locals who wouldn't fall in line.

When did this happen?

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