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Pompeo tells Southeast Asia to stand up to China

By Phuong Nguyen

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ASEAN has said it does not want to take sides amid friction over a recent spike in military activities by both powers

I think they are quite happy to get benefits from both powers under the situations.

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Do you think Pompeo regrets the Trump administration trashing the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)? It would have been a helluva bargaining chip if they had it, but they don't.

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ASEAN countries were waiting your deranged boss to be kicked out and find a cooperative new era with China!  People of other countries has to make a living, unlike you Mr.Pompeo : A Parasite!

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Pompeo tells Southeast Asia to stand up to China

Don't we already have enough problems on this planet? Pandemic, US led military invasions, refugees, unemployment, inflation, the rise of far right, terrorism, femine in Yemen and elsewhere, discrimination of black people... What will it take for the US gov to realise we are all in the same boat and there is only one planet? Right now people in the Southeast Asia are worried about their lives, people are worried that this pandemic will kill a lot more people, people are worried that more and more people will lose their jobs...People are worried that the US's withdrawal from the WHO will harm the efforts. People are worried that only the privileged countries like the US will have access to the vaccine and the rest will continue to die. So nobody gives a toss about the US's 'America First' policies in the region. Sorry, Mr Pompeo the Southern Asia is not a Middle East and I refuse to live in a more divided and xenaphobic planet, and I disgree with your country's megalomaniac, unfair and hostile policies. Perhaps it hasn't appeared to you yet but our economies are already dependent on China, Russia and Europe. Thanks to the sanctions your country has imposed on half of the world it is now almost impossible to do any trade on fair terms with your country...That's why we think ASEAN is very important to us and our future generations. If you see ASEAN a threat to your own interests, tough luck, I suggest you work on NAFTA or whatever you call it now.

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South East Asia is not a monolith. Laos and Cambodia are sold out to China. ASEAN has been unable to come with a joint declaration against China due to these 2 countries.

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