Positive virus tests keep 75 Australians off flight home from India

By Colin Packham and Renju Jose

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The ABC is reporting that the flight was only about half full...

About half of the seats on a repatriation flight set to leave India will be left empty after Australians tested positive for COVID-19.

The flight had a capacity of just 150 passengers, due to social distancing restrictions, but more than 70 will be unable to fly.

That includes more than 40 people who tested positive for COVID-19. Close contacts of people who tested positive will also be unable to fly.

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Get ready for more community spikes; adding to the ones already caused by returning subcontinent origin Aussies who had supposedly been tested, quarantined, and then given the all clear.

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Quarantine for 3 weeks, then vaccinate

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Quarantine for 3 weeks, then vaccinate

I haven't read that vaccination time matters if already infected. Vaccinate on arrival with the first shot, hit with the anti-virals and quarantine - 50+ miles away from any city - at the travelers' expense.

It should go without saying, that all staff in the quarantine location should be fully vaccinated already.

I'm surprised that India isn't vaccinating like they did for Smallpox. Whenever a case is found, hit everyone nearby quickly and quarantine the entire area. Suppose it is too late for that method? Could work in Australia and NZ - after people 55+ are all vaccinated.

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Still to many.

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blvtzpk - The ABC is reporting that the flight was only about half full...

That is the maximum amount of passengers allowed.

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