Reports of targeted Taliban killings fuel Afghans' fears


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The country will return to feudalism-what a setback…

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Poor people. They never changed, America trusted them almost in a childish naivete style during the Doha agreement. They continue to be the same murderous terrorists of the 1990s.

I feel despair for the Afghans, and I hope they can sometimes free themselves from everyone. Including corrupts such as Karzai and cowardly Ghani.

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The taliban are murderers and the previous administration empowered them into thinking thry were legitimate.

These tyrants will keep killing until they are stopped.

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Bring home all Americans and the Afghans who have helped us over the years.

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Watch out for atrocity propaganda aimed at sucking us back into the war. This article is a prime example. It boldly claims:

Reports of targeted killings in areas overrun by the Taliban mounted Friday

But when it comes to providing examples of these reports, the best they can do is a 6 week old event that took place while the war was still being waged and the Taliban hadn't yet taken power:

The rights group said that its researchers spoke to eyewitnesses in Ghazni province who recounted how the Taliban killed nine ethnic Hazara men in the village of Mundarakht from July 4 to July 6.

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You can take a nation out of the Dark Ages but you can't take the Dark Ages out of the Taliban.

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But when it comes to providing examples of these reports, the best they can do is a 6 week old event that took place while the war was still being waged and the Taliban hadn't yet taken power:

Media is propaganda. All the news without fear or favor? No newspaper is without favor by virtue of what is reported and not reported.

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Maybe if the world stop exporting so much weapons and actually completely stop all private weapon manufacturing companies, there wouldn't be so much horror in the world. All the top nations in the world has just as much blood in their hands as the taliban. I am glad Japan is not a part of this mess up industry.

Whether is the terrorist or any other type of criminals, the weapons they use came from some weapon factory. Sometimes these criminals are even better equip than the actual police itself.

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As of this was a surprise to anyone. They’re showing more and more and with each passing day their true facade. Once the US is hot, then the massive killings will begin. God help all those people.

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The people of Afghanistan had 20 years,to get their act together,some of the soldiers,were illiterate,drug addict and corrupt,the fight in now in the hand of the people of Afghanistan for their liberation

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All this time I kept saying that Afghanistan never changes and never will...

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The fact that the current American regime pulled out so hastily leaving literally billions of dollars worth of military gear for the Taliban - you can bet there will be a heck of a lot more killing.

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Here's a change in Afghanistan. For the last 20 years the Taliban fighters carried Russian and Chinese made AK47s. Today they carry M4s and drive around in HumVees. Seems the Afghan forces just handed over everything we equipped them with to the Taliban.

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“Biden says 'no one's being killed' in Afghanistan, can't 'recall' advisers telling him to delay withdrawal”

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This is from a UN report.

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A hot mess in a dumpster fire. Thanks, Biden for your lack of leadership.

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Of course, the US never carried out any targeted killings when they were in charge. Talk about double standards!

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People here are saying that Afghanistan never changes, but before the US began arming the Pashtun tribesmen to overthrow the elected government, Afghanistan was a a province of political stability and social advancement widely known as “the Paris of Central Asia.”

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Afghanistan was a a province of political stability

Talk to the people that lived under the Taliban rule and ask them and the women what they thought about those days.

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Taliban have said that they don't have any problem with men playing cricket.

Hopefully they will keep their word on that (not very optimistic though) because the Afghanistan cricket team which has now received test status is shaping up very well and has some very talented players.

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And I thought this was the new kinder gentler Taliban, could it be that CNN is somehow misrepresenting the situation?

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Yes the people shouting “death to America” were also identified as somewhat “friendly” as well by the CNN reporter.

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Western Propaganda machine at work again. Shamelessly trying to restart another war for the poor Afghans while sitting in their safe countries. Similar reports were released before invasion of Iraq about WMDs which was found to be untrue.

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Yes the people shouting “death to America” were also identified as somewhat “friendly” as well by the CNN reporter.

actually they were chanting Allah Akbar which translates to God is great somehow the Arabic expert CNN reported translated it wrong.

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The utter fear and terror witnessed at Kabul Airport the desperation of women handing there child over barbed wire.

The clinging to C-17 transport planes even in flight, leads me to believe without any measure of doubt the murderous mullahs will revert, or have already committed unspeakable atrocities, in the name of Islamic extremism and will continue to do so.

Amnesty International are documenting eyewitness reports of grievous acts that require a UN investigation.

You have to fight for the freedoms, all have taken for granted.

Or else be prepared to lose them to tyranny.

Afghanistan: Taliban responsible for brutal massacre of Hazara men – new investigation

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