Republicans on track to dash Democratic hopes of U.S. Senate majority

By David Morgan

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Democrats need to learn how to get their messaging correct, which they’d do well to follow the republican example on. They also need to scale back the identity politics.

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Where are all the pundits and the "expert" pollsters now?

Whenever a political statistic is peddled by the liberal media, shift it about 10% to the right and you'll be closer to the truth.

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After this election, I believe the polls and media talking heads even more than I did before.

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repudiation of President Donald Trump and a Republican Party remade in his image.

Apparently enough voters separated Trump's stank from that of other Republican politicians to keep the party of the 'elites' from losing much ground.

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I just find it beyond belief that such an unrepresentative legislature is allowed to have any significant power, like they have in impeachment trials and judicial appointments. To me having two Senators per State regardless of their population sizes is as undemocratic as the British House of Lords before 1911. In any nation in which the term "We the people.." actually meant anything, this lot would have had most of their power taken away or there would be a more representative way of choosing them.

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Republicans appeared poised to retain control of the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, after Senator Susan Collins defied political odds to win re-election in Maine

The best news for Republicans came from Maine where Collins, a Republican moderate once seen as imperiled, pulled off a surprise victory

Moderate Republican Susan Collins is an often critic of Trump - and she is the one they have to thank

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