Russia faces global outrage over bodies in Ukraine's streets


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The world now knows that the Russian military is undisciplined and inept, and the equipment, regardless of the numbers, is third rate.

The propaganda in the comment above is disgraceful.

If Russia didn’t have a nuclear arsenal, Putin would be (should be) dust now.

To hell with Russia.

32 ( +41 / -9 )

Absolutely shocking to see the level of depravity shown by the Russians.

And will be equally shocking to see many posters here defending this or saying it is fakery.

31 ( +40 / -9 )

Russia will simply deny it, and the Russian apologists here will misdirect and repeat the Russian propaganda about it being staged.

31 ( +39 / -8 )

Send in investigators from Switzerland, Serbia or Finland or even India to fully document what is actually there on the seen and conduct actual autopsies on the alleged victims

Collecting dead bodies from a war zone to prove they are dead bodies from a war zone. Gotta love the delusion.

30 ( +40 / -10 )

Biden is right about regime change needed in Russa.

28 ( +43 / -15 )

Sickening, disgraceful and unforgivable.

The fascist Russians will ultimately be brought to justice for these war crimes. Bombing of civilian shelters, torture and rape of civiliians - these are straight from the playbook of Nazi Germany, which Russia is disgustingly emulating.

Go after these coward, war-criminal Russians wherever they are found in sovereign Ukraine, show them zero mercy. They deserve none.

28 ( +41 / -13 )

The only Nazi-like behavior I've seen so far in this conflict has been by the Russians, with their unprovoked and vicious invasion of Ukraine.

25 ( +32 / -7 )

Putins popularity in Russia =81%

Bidens popularity in USA = 37%

Russians arrested for disagreeing with Putin - many thousands.

Americans arrested for disagreeing with Biden - 0.

22 ( +29 / -7 )

Putin is a War Criminal and he has allowed his army to rape, murder, and destroy civilians.

He is responsible for these murders and needs brought to justice and stand trial for these crimes.

U.S. Readies More Russian Sanctions This Week

21 ( +30 / -9 )

Frightening stuff. Is the corporate media and NATO that ruthless? It seems so.

It’s frightening that anyone living in a free state would believe anything coming out of the Kremlin. Shameful too.

21 ( +29 / -8 )

Send in investigators from Switzerland, Serbia or Finland or even India to fully document what is actually there on the seen and conduct actual autopsies on the alleged victims.

Investigators from India. Unbelievable.

20 ( +30 / -10 )

What a bunch of mass murdering, inhuman, as..holes these Russians are.

But one thing is for sure:

They will pay their price!

In front of the world, and in front of God!

Nobody will ever forget what this Russian mass murdering Mob and their leaders did and are still doing.

18 ( +27 / -9 )

This shows that our world so FAGILE that it only take one Lunatic to turn it upside down, it doesn't matter how safe or secure we feel nothing will prevent war mongers and killers from doing their evil acts.

16 ( +22 / -6 )

The shriek of "fake news" to dismiss the atrocities witnessed by so many Ukrainians is just a transparent projection of people in power who lie 24/7 to their un-dis- and misinformed public fed a bunch of baloney by Russian TV "news" which has been contradicted by hundreds of hours of horrific reality captured on camera. We have to believe "the truth will out" in the end, let us hope in war crimes trials.

16 ( +21 / -5 )

All those above seeking to defend the indefensible are either Russian propagandists, “useful idiots” (Russian expression for the weak minded western types who fall for their lies and propagate them) or they are so morally corrupt and lacking in normal human decency as to cynically espouse this evil horror for their own foul purposes. No matter how they desperately and transparently seek to distract or misdirect, the world now sees clearly what the glorious Russian liberators have really been doing in Ukraine.

The leaders of Russia have visibly lied and lied again and again; who now across the globe will dare trust them in anything. Their word is their bond, of deceit and betrayal. Thus branded by their own actions for decades if not generations to come.

16 ( +24 / -8 )

Zichi, you've got to stop reading Bellingcat, every man and his dog knows it's a propaganda mouthpiece for the Secret Intelligence Services in the UK. This has been well-publicised for years now, long before the Ukraine war.

Yes, and? Are they the only source reporting this massacre?

16 ( +20 / -4 )

So the people that Putin said they were going to liberate from the Nazis in Ukraine are being slaughtered like animals. This is how they really feel about the Ukrainians. This had nothing to do with liberation, it was Putin's plan to reconstitute the Russian Empire. But he was defeated by a smaller by more courageous group.

I wonder how Fox News will try to spin this as being some kind of staged action. Tucker Carlson will be step dancing tonight defending his buddy Putin!

15 ( +27 / -12 )

Putin has unleashed the dogs of war, a metaphor that describes how war always runs out of the control of its instigators and quickly descends into savagery as killings escalate and fear and revulsion on both sides drive the narrative to barbarism. Once again war is holding up a mirror to our violent primate species. Putin and his cabal must be made to see themselves and what they have wrought in their blood-stained mirror of horrors in the Hague.

15 ( +23 / -8 )

 “unbelievable brutality of the Russian leadership and those who follow its propaganda.”

Those 'who follow its propaganda' have long based many of their attacks on the 'West' and democracies and the free-press allowed by most democracies claiming Russia and the extreme right and pro-authoritarian movements in general are victims that have been made to look bad by 'the media' . While the same extreme rightists use western media to spread their propaganda. The Kremlin's propaganda has been spread farther and wider via western media, especially social media. The propagandists know more people get their news and believe what's post on social media so they target that audience knowing how easily their propaganda will be swallowed and spread.

14 ( +24 / -10 )


Thanks for that. Of course I have no interest in what some Czech tabloid says.

You're very welcome. If you don't like Czech media, here are is a different source on the Neo-Nazis fighting for Russia:

Clearly, Russian backed Neo-Nazi death squads currently operating in Ukraine. Happy to provide other sources if you want.

I looked at the Wikipedia page. No mention at all of any neo-Nazi execution squad.

I don't blame you. The state and corporate media have the general population so conditioned they simply don't expect anyone to question or actually look a the Wikipedia page that person themself shared.

Incorrect. Directly from the Wiki page:

"The company's name comes from Utkin's....passion for the Third Reich ........Utkin has several Nazi tattoos...... the leadership of the Wagner Group are followers of the Slavic Native Faith, a modern Pagan new religious movement......

Utkin was photographed with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Kremlin reception given in honour of those who had been awarded the Order of Courage and the title Hero of the Russian Federation 

..during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, , the Wagner Group flew in more than 400 contractors....on a mission to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his government, and thus to prepare the ground for Russia to take control...."

14 ( +21 / -7 )

I could be wrong but what I see is a Russian leadership who thought they would be welcomed as hero's by the Ukrainians and their, cough cough, "special military operation" would be finished in three days with minimal casualties and physical destruction. When it turned out the Ukrainians not only did not welcome the Russians but fought them to a standstill inflicting huge casualties in the process, the same Russian leadership flew into a rage. Rather than humbled I think this Russian leadership feels betrayed by the people of Ukraine and now seem intent on achieving scorched earth in retribution.

13 ( +22 / -9 )

My Lai, ala Russia.

My Lai was first reported by a US military helicopter pilot, whose crew tried to stop the incident and rescue survivors. The public learned about it when the US media made it the leading news story for weeks, causing much soul-searching among the American public and fueling anti-war sentiment. The officer in charge was charged, convicted and served 3 ½ years in detention.

So yeah, Bucha will be comparable if Russian soldiers tried to intervene and report it, the Russian media reports on it extensively, Russian citizens condemn it and the person in charge is jailed. But so far we’re only seeing denial and ignorance from Russia.

13 ( +17 / -4 )

Biden calls Russia’s killings of Ukrainian civilians a war crime but not genocide

Let's just agree (For the time being) that Putin's troops have been carrying out acts of evil.

12 ( +15 / -3 )


Putins popularity in Russia =81%

Putin is getting closer and closer to where Kim Jong-un (99.9% popularity) is.

12 ( +18 / -6 )

My Lai, ala Russia.

11 ( +18 / -7 )

The world looked to have made progresses but really not. Despite all the world is affected, they cannot do anything to one mad dictator.

11 ( +18 / -7 )

“Is NATO membership really worth this?”

Honestly, fear of NATO was probably just an excuse Putin used for invading Ukraine. Russia just want more land, power, influence and especially those seaports.

Naked aggression for enrichment.

11 ( +17 / -6 )

Russia's Neo-Nazi "Wagner Group" is notorious for brutal war crimes:

The Wagner Group, a private military company backed by Kremlin, has built a reputation for its brutality. In 2019, a disturbing video surfaced showing four Russian-speaking men in military fatigues surrounding a man lying on the ground. They proceeded to break his legs with a sledgehammer, crushed his chest, and hacked off his hands, his head, before setting the corpse on fire. The victim was identified as Hamadi Bouta, a deserter from the Syrian army. He was tortured to death by the Wagner group, whose mercenaries are now said to be tasked with killing President Zelenskyy.

10 ( +16 / -6 )

I'd rather not believe anything MintPres "News" is polluting the world with.

MintPress News is a left-wing American online news website founded and edited by Mnar Adley (née, Muhawesh) which was launched in January 2012. It covers political, economic, foreign affairs and environmental issues. Editorially, MintPress News is strongly pro-Bashar al-Assad, the Russian government, and supports the regimes of Iran and Syria. It opposes the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the West in general. Described as a conspiratorial website, MintPress News publishes disinformation and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, according to researchers at Rutgers University. A report from New Knowledge includes MintPress News as part of the "Russian web of disinformation.

10 ( +12 / -2 )

....send in investigators from Switzerland, SERBIA or Finland.....

Serbia?! Impartial?! haha, don't make me laugh. They are Russia's little brother.

10 ( +16 / -6 )

@Rodney, do you have links to prove what you are saying? I am wary of the fact the western media is all "Russian crimes" and wonder how much is propaganda and how much is actual hard truth. However with the false narrative that Putin and the Russian media spouted as justification for the invasion (The de-nazification of Ukraine and the freeing their Ukrainian brothers from a fascist government) I'm prone to give the western media a little more lee-way.

10 ( +14 / -4 )

Makes no difference who owns or funds Mint Press

And yet you provided a link that argued that the funding and ownership of Bellingcat very much makes a difference. Double standards on full show from you.

Also noted that you make no attempt to disprove Bellingcat's work, only the people involved in it.

10 ( +13 / -3 )

I know what is going to happen to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov when his maker meets up with him.

9 ( +19 / -10 )

One can only imagine the repression going on now in Putin's Russia. There 15,000 reported incarcerations of antiwar protesters in Russia. Bit likely this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt that Putin is the most hated person in Europe. He is likely roundly hated in Russia as well--forget the phony popularity pole. It is very likely that the nomenclature has gotten tired of Putin already. And the military playing puppet to a brutal and inept commander-in-chief.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

I have no interest in what some Czech tabloid says

Fair enough.

What media do you have interest in?

try RT news…Russian government funded but impartial

Nope. I don’t think I’ve ever come across an impartial news outlet. Some attempt it better than others, some try to convince morons they are fair and balanced and others are quite explicit in their bias.

RT is a toilet.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

try RT news…Russian government funded but impartial

This is amazing. The same people who will condemn every independent for-profit and non-profit news organisation in the world as biased and following an agenda.

Yet literal Kremlin propaganda - that they admit is funded by the Russian government - is apparently impartial.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

try starting with RT News. But I guess your democratic countries ban it because it presents factual information not controlled like western media and western social media. Russian government funded but impartial.

Nonsense. RT news is available if you want to get it.

Complaining of western media dominance in the west is ridiculously stupid.

If you want the Russian side of the story it is available. Claims to the contrary are false and intended to discredit and distract.

8 ( +16 / -8 )

What is surprising is why such a reaction just now? Soviet army and then Russian army is well known for its despicable war crimes in literally any war they were involved. This is their signature style.

7 ( +14 / -7 )

Do you think Russia isn’t dominated by Russian media? That is has no bias?


7 ( +14 / -7 )

Jeff Lee, you're absolutely correct. I didn't go into details, but the massacre is the same. A loss of command and control and dehumanization of civilians. Calley only, but Medina was acquitted, and it should have gone all the way up to Westmoreland but it didn't. There have been other massacres in history, the problem now is what will NATO do?

7 ( +8 / -1 )

This could be Russia's "Mỹ Lai" moment, but I'm not sure Putin gives a damn about public opinion in Russia.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

FizzBit, do you think Russia would attack a NATO member in such a manner?

Is NATO membership really worth this?

6 ( +8 / -2 )

An op-ed in RIA Novosti calling for the annihilation of the Ukrainian state and the "de-nazification" and re-education of its peoples. Chilling stuff.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

In a better age, the world would have come together and kicked this country's a** to the curb long ago.

4 ( +12 / -8 )

Sven Asai - and if the investigation shows that it was Russian military that committed these atrocities, will you condemn them?

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Send in the jets. Give them air cover.

2 ( +13 / -11 )

The Russians are like cruel and ruthless aliens from another planet. Are they really human?!

2 ( +17 / -15 )

I fear that Bucha is only the first of many :(

2 ( +5 / -3 )

These war crimes on civilians should be rightly condemned.

But 2 points to be noted here -

Many Ukrainians were part of civilian defense and therefore they were treated as enemy combatants by Russian soldiers.

How much of this outrage in the West is because the victims were white people with blue eyes and blond hair? If the victims were say, black or brown, doubt that the outrage would be of the same magnitude.
-7 ( +5 / -12 )

Zelenskyy asked his civilians to arm themselves and fight and weapons were supplied and civilians died.

Not taking sides just stating a so called fact.

-8 ( +12 / -20 )

Where were the pictures of bodies in streets during Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc...

-10 ( +8 / -18 )

Is NATO membership really worth this?

Zelenskyy thinks so.

-11 ( +9 / -20 )

Complaining of western media dominance in the west is ridiculously stupid.

The complaint you refer to was in regards to the well-known fact that western media is extremely biased to the point that it's nothing but... ohh cannot say it because I'm not free to say it!

See how it works? That's if you see my comment at all...

-11 ( +5 / -16 )

Anyway, my AI tells me that there’s not a complete and pure coincidence but a certain small degree of relationship between the name of that infamous village Bucha / Буча and Selensky’s version of describing the prejudiced and involved / assigned Russian killers there as ‘butchers’. That’s not only a very deadly but also a high-spec propaganda piece staged there. That’s why I won’t too quickly take any side unless any valid proves on the judgement table.

-11 ( +2 / -13 )

zichi 09:14 am JST

Russia’s Bucha “Facts” Versus the Evidence

Zichi, you've got to stop reading Bellingcat, every man and his dog knows it's a propaganda mouthpiece for the Secret Intelligence Services in the UK. This has been well-publicised for years now, long before the Ukraine war.

-13 ( +8 / -21 )

zichiToday 09:33 am JST

It was Putin who introduced press censorship on war reporting and anyone in Russia reporting on the war will be subject to 15 years imprisonment.

No, what Putin actually said was anyone reporting FALSE information.

-14 ( +6 / -20 )

jeancolmarToday 10:34 am JST

One can only imagine the repression going on now in Putin's Russia. There 15,000 reported incarcerations

No, after start of this operation Putin became very popular in Russia.

Lot of Russian wait for this op 8 years after nationalistic putsch in Kiev.

-14 ( +2 / -16 )

Send in the jets?

Send in the tanks?

Oh, yeah sure. If you want the "Axis of the Willing" to get dragged into WW3, then do it.

For those of you who advocate confronting the Russians, go there, grab a weapon and fight.

I'll sit it out, but as a consumer, I still have to "pay" for your foolishness one way or another.

-15 ( +9 / -24 )

Sorry, but in this case I cannot take a side. And I would recommend, no one from outside without proven detailed information should do that too quickly. They are like fighting brothers , so that alone tells me by logic that they have the same violent and propaganda mindset. Maybe you understand what that means. And no, the Russians are not fascist and a regime change would not change their ground forces soldiers’ bad behavior at all. You find very similar war crimes and behavior patterns when reminding of WW2 and aftermath.

-17 ( +11 / -28 )

From day one of this conflict there has been an almost total ban on any reporting from the Russian side. We are getting a very biased one sided view. The Ukrainians have an agenda to keep the western support and western news and government are happy to oblige. There have been numerous examples of misinformation and some straight up lies. I'm sure the Russian's have also had their propaganda division working overtime too, except we are banned from receiving any news from them in our so-called free press. Two weeks ago many were celebrating the news and videos of Ukrainian civilians bravely arming themselves with weapons. The moment a civilian takes up arms he or she becomes a legitimate target. There are rules for war and the deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure is not allowed. For example bombing a school is of course a war crime. But if one side puts a rocket launcher in the playground it becomes a military target for the other. Putting a sniper in an apartment complex does the same.

The video that shows dead bodies on the street tells us nothing more that sadly someone has died and is not evidence of any war crimes without an independent investigation, which during a conflict is not an easy thing to do.

-18 ( +8 / -26 )

In modern conflict the ratio of civilian deaths to military deaths is roughly one to one. Meaning that for every soldier that dies an innocent civilian also dies. If we believe the Ukrainian figures, and that's a big if, the Ukrainians are losing 4 combatants for every civilian. Showing that the Russian's are actually taking more care than usual in conflict NOT to harm civilians.

-19 ( +5 / -24 )

Makes no difference who owns or funds Mint Press, Bellingcat is a propaganda mouthpiece for British Secret Intelligence Services and has been since it started. The founder is a former underwear salesman.

-20 ( +5 / -25 )

This could be Russia's "Mỹ Lai" moment, but I'm not sure Putin gives a damn about public opinion in Russia.

Putins popularity in Russia =81%

Bidens popularity in USA = 37%

-23 ( +4 / -27 )

The U.S. and its allies have sought to punish Russia for the invasion by imposing sweeping sanctions but fear further harm to the global economy, which is still recovering from the pandemic. 


Anyone think Putin is in fear of Europe's leaders calling for tougher sanctions?

The organizers of the European Tree of the Year Contest recently

said they felt compelled to “join the activities aimed at the international isolation of Russia.”

Therefore, they have put the Russian Federation out of the

running for the international European Tree of the Year contest.

Yes, sanctions on bank accounts and confiscating yachts is nothing compared to the isolation felt knowing that a Russian tree will not win tree of the year.

-30 ( +6 / -36 )

There should be an full impartial international investigation.

So far, the only evidence is claims from one side and photographs (which could have been staged) provided by one side.

An impartial investigation means that it shouldn't come from an institution from a NATO based country.

Send in investigators from Switzerland, Serbia or Finland or even India to fully document what is actually there on the seen and conduct actual autopsies on the alleged victims.

The more international investigators they send the better.

Let's find out what really happened.

-37 ( +18 / -55 )

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