Russia hits rail, fuel facilities in attacks deep in Ukraine


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It's a shame that this war at this scale is taking place in this day and age, but it's also sobering reminder to Europe and the rest of the world that NO place on earth is safe and never take peace and freedom for granted. Evil minded war mongers and thugs are living among us like a ticking bomb.

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Mr K - How much of Ukrainian territory would you ultimately like to see under Russian control?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. and its allies of trying to "split Russian society and to destroy Russia from within.”

Putin should be pleased to see the US is copying Russian tactics that his Kremlin has used to split US society, with many US Americans now ant-American and siding with Russia, while fully accepting Russian meddling in US elections saying it is OK for Russia to do so because the US has long meddled in other nation's affairs, the typical ‘other guys do bad things too, line of reasoning so it’s OK for my side to do bad things. 

Kremlin sponsored groups like the Internet Research Agency led by Putin oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin who’s affiliated with the Wagner Group Putin’s private army of Nazi thugs have long used Putin’s media and other global far right media plus social media to spread disinformation pouring fuel on long burning US fires and fanning flames, especially with regard to sensitive issues like guns (see Russian involvement in the NRA) and race relations, see ‘muh Russia’ as a term used by pro-Russian anti-Americans.

Russia has over 140,00,000 people, that’s a large enough population for there to be many who do not want to be forced to goose-step along with the Kremlin and who do not want their fellow citizens killed while invading foreign lands so that Putin and his oligarchs can get richer and claim they have more territory than Stalin had.Putin and his oligarchs are splitting Russia themselves while blaming the west, the typical thug's "other guys did it" defense.

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Meanwhile, a major fire erupted early Monday at an oil depot in a Russian city about 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the Ukrainian border, Russia's Emergencies Ministry said.

Destroying energy infrastructure is the easiest way to bring a country to its knees. We should remember that fact.

Last month, Russia charged that two Ukrainian helicopter gunships hit an oil depot in Russia’s Belgorod region, close to the Ukrainian border.

So what? Did you expect that they would not strike back, that they would not bring the war home to its origins? The Ukrainians need to be taking out bridges, electric and hydroelectric plants, transmission towers, munitions plants and depots... the Kremlin itself. Nobody is going to cry for you, Russia: you are reaping what you sowed. Want it to stop? Surrender.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. and its allies of trying to "split Russian society and to destroy Russia from within.”

If anyone is trying to "split Russian society", it it Putin himself. And he's doing a fine job of it.

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ESL Mundi - can we also logically conclude that your claims that Russia would drive on to Portugal are false? Or are you sticking by your claims?

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By the time this is over Ukraine will be devastated and what they are left in possession of will take decades to rebuild.

And the billions that have been sent to "support their fight for freedom" will be followed by billions more to "help rebuild their country". Much of both will disappear or not be used for the stated purpose. look at rebuilding in Iraq. Afghanistan. and elsewhere.

Tragic for all concerned.

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More blood on Vlad the Butcher's hands....

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Every time the Ukrainians defeat the Russians, Putin becomes weaker.

Keep on defeating the Russians and eventually Putin will be forced out of office. Putin is fighting for his life right now.

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lincolnmanToday  08:52 am JST

More blood on Vlad the Butcher's hands....

He's got crap on his face. Sanctions galore are on Russia, not just by the US or even NATO. And their assets overseas are being seized. Putin is being desperate, he bit off more than he can chew. If Russia somehow does win this war, it's going to be very costly. And the Ukes can resort to guerilla warfare to defend their land. If that happens long enough, the Russkies will get tired of it and eventually leave.

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> YrralToday  07:57 am JST

Mark, Russian can invade US easily,their only 2 miles from the Alaska border,they know the consequences,for it

The climate and terrain there is too frigid and tough for that. Besides, with cyberwar they can do more. Like interfere in our elections and install a puppet like they did in 2016. Less 'mess'.

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Russia hits rail, fuel facilities in attacks deep in Ukraine:

The capture of Mariupol might have triggered Putin's ambition greatly, pushing its sporadic attack in Ukraine's interior.

Somehow, one just does not feel good or comfortable at the expanding scenario..

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Mr K - How much of Ukrainian territory would you ultimately like to see under Russian control?

I have no idea how much more territory the pro-Putin/anti-west herds want, but it seems to be that given Russia currently controls more than 10% of the planet's land mass, and has such a low population density, Russia should be satisfied with the territory within their current boundaries. And Russia like all nations should leave other areas alone, that includes the Arctic region. in addition of course to sovereign nations.

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Russia charged that two Ukrainian helicopter gunships hit an oil depot in Russia’s Belgorod region, 

So, our large military is allowed to pummel your much smaller society relentlessly but you attempting to the same on a smaller scale is unfair? Putin bears the hallmarks of a spoiled child.

Anyway, once the Ukes get the US howitizers and other heavy duty weapons, then watch out, southwestern Russia. Say goodbye to your infrastructure.

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Evil minded war mongers and thugs are living among us like a ticking bomb.

Yeah, I remember Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. If you really want to know the truth of what is happening in Ukraine, go look at the videos of Patrick Lancaster American journalist who lives there and reports live and interviews residents.

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There are plenty of obvious targets inside Russia that Ukraine has not hit so far. 'Nuff said.

I am genuinely surprised that Ukraine has taken this battering with so much restraint so far, almost 100% one-sided.

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This Patrick Lancaster?

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The Ukrainian are getting pounded by Russian,by land, air and sea, Ukrainian are not risk avert,the risk getting encircle,but they are killings Russian,mostly with Artillery and tank, nobody want to get physically,I never been in the army or service,but sitting in a trench, waiting on the enemy to reveal themselves can deadly too Twitter Institute of the Study of War

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Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. and its allies of trying to "split Russian society and to destroy Russia from within.”

Gee - not fun when it happens to you and your country, is it?

Russia has been attacking US corporations, running crypto-ware attacks on all sorts of govt and private organizations and flooding social networks with highly disruptive, groups and themes to cause havoc.

Sorry, if I'm not sympathetic to the Russian view on this happening there. It's about time.

I hope Russia realizes that they have external internet connections only because the US allows it. They can be taken offline. Hopefully, that won't be necessary, but it can be done. The US DoD already knows how to accomplish it - and to take down their telecommunications, piplines, and power infrastructure. This isn't a secret and it isn't accomplished by sending in 150 small teams to do physical attacks, like the Russians tried in the US. Taking out their telecommunications will be terrible, since doing it would destroy real hardware, making it useless. Russia will have a very hard time getting replacement hardware, thanks to sanctions. Their technology and aerospace industries are already feeling these restrictions.

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Ukraine should send a bunch of missiles directly to Russian cities. Then the Russians can see how they like that.

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During a Sky News Interview, Former Deputy Supreme Commander of NATO, General Sir Richard Shirreff, said there will be  'No peace in Europe while Putin remains in the Kremlin'

Calls for MORE NATO calculated involvement like protecting the city of Odesa are heating up in the U.S. and abroad without triggering a war with Russia.

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Please watch this heartbreaking report about a 94 years young beautiful woman from the city of Kharkiv filmed by Sky news of England.

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“When it comes to Russia’s war aims, Russia is failing. Ukraine is succeeding," he added.

What he’s talking about?

Where Russia falling and Ukraine is succeeding?

In two months  Russia lost no one single battle. And Ukraine has no one single successful offensive.

Russia very carefully moving forward, grinding Ukrainian troops. Saving its own soldiers. 

One more point: Russia using its normal (peacetime) army, on the contrary Ukraine carried out the third wave of mobilization because of huge loses.

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Not only is it impossible to verify Ukraine’s claims of Russian losses, it is impossible to take them seriously on a statistical basis.

The scale of Russian troop losses in Ukraine has tipped 21,000 as Putin’s war rumbles into its third month today.

The latest statistics, published by the Ukrainian Land Forces this morning, suggest 21,800 Russian fighters have been killed amid bitter resistance from Ukraine’s armed forces and territorial defence units – though this figure could not be verified.

Meanwhile, the land forces claim to have dealt massive damage to Russia’s military equipment and machinery.

A total of 873 tanks are said to have been destroyed, along with 2238 armoured vehicles, 179 planes, 154 helicopters and 408 artillery systems.

According to the same article, “On February 24, Russia’s land army consisted of 280,000 full-time active soldiers compared with Ukraine’s 125,600.”

Now, the number of casualties in war is always a multiple of the number of fatalities. For example, the USA lost 407,316 KIA during WWII and 671,846 WIA out of 16.4 million troops, for a Cas/Fat ratio of 1.65. As medical science improved, this ratio increased over time, to 2.6 for Vietnam, 7.2 for Iraq, and 8.6 for Afghanistan.

So, if the most recent US war is a reasonable comparative, the Ukrainian claims would indicate an additional 180,600 wounded Russians for a total of 201,600 Russian casualties, which would mean that the Russian casualty rate of 72 percent exceeds that of the German, Japanese, and Soviet militaries during the entirety of World War II. And at 7.5 percent, the fatality rate is three times the US WWII fatality rate of 2.5 percent in just two months.

In other words, we can state with certainty that these reports are highly improbable, and logically conclude that they are false.

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Russian fighting to live in hell,lots of these soldiers on both sides,the ones that are not killed or maimed,will have acute psychological problem,Japan should give their weapon,the US is not confident in fighting with non battle tested soldiers

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What he’s talking about?

Can't you see Russia is failing because sanctions are working great? Putin is absolutely terrified of the sanctions, he is even more scared of the $40 billions cash being lobbed at Russia from Europe to pay for Russian oil and gas since the invasion.

Russia is loosing big time, all the oil and gas going to Germany alone must keep Putin awake at night. Sanctions are great.

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This is the most dysfunctional war in history,it defy logic,you have Ukrainian traitors, fighting against their own country, Russian losing more money,than the Ukraine GDP,

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Yes, Russia is tracking the arms shipments and destroying many of them before they reach the front.

"Russia is failing"... Maybe but everyday a little of the map turns red as more villages come under Russian control.

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Mark, Russian can invade US easily,their only 2 miles from the Alaska border,they know the consequences,for it

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But don't worry, it's only temporary, sanctions are working great, Putin will stop soon. Sanctions are go.

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