Senate passes $4.6 bil border aid measure; Pelosi seeks talks

By Andrew Taylor

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Trump said passing the legislation was urgent as he left the White House for Japan and he appeared to leave the door open for negotiations.

Donny negotiates in bad faith. Only fools would do business with him.

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It takes two to tango, Mitch.

The Congress does not need the president to like its legislation, the president is not a divine monarch to which the Congress supplicates. Pass a damn bill with a veto proof majority and the president can squawk away all he wants. Legislation is the purview of Congress. The executive branch is there to implement such.

So Mitch, for once in the past ten plus years, do the right thing, ignore the White House, and work across the aisle to fund these humanitarian needs while introducing a modicum of accountability into the process. The vast majority of "the people" demand and support such.

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additional funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds.

So they need to sleep on the floor? It isn't like unaccompanied children can be released onto the street nor can H&HS spin up people and facilities to instantly handle 50K children and 100K families.

Where's the solution to limit illegal immigration or is Congress failing again?

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The government is already paying $250-$750 per child per day. 2,000 children, $500,000 to $1,500,000 per day. $45 million per month.

Where is this money going?

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Um, I think I understand why you guys support Trump in his trade wars, as you clearly don't understand what the word 'trade' means:

As if the Democrats would understand it, they don’t even understand the virtues of Capitalism. Lol

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