Seoul says N Korea fatally shoots S Korean gov't official, then burns his body


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A nasty bunch these North Koreans.

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This is horrible and atrocious, but it is not new nor uncommon practices when dealing with these kind of regimes. Historical since many don't read or know their history the only real way to deal with them is force. Historically that has always been the case but it is best if it begins within its own country. The anger just builds up and up on both sides until someone goes pop!

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He tried to defect to N Korea?  Crazy.

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There are a bunch of unknowns that I am annoyed with. Why is he in North Korea border? Why did he attempt to go alone? How did South Korea identify the body if it was burnt?

But I'm more annoyed with the lack of parallelism on the headline. North and S Korea

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Kim boy sure likes to slap those south koreans licking his boots

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Not exactly a 'Welcome to NK' advertisement.

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The Korea Herald has an article suggesting that the guy borrowed from those around him, was up to his ears in debt and was facing his day in court.

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North Korea may have determined to kill him in line with its stringent anti-coronavirus rules that involves shooting anyone illegally crossing the border.

This takes the cake for the most hard core Covid19 restriction I've heard about.

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South Korea said Thursday North Korean troops shot a South Korean government official who may have attempted to defect and set his body on fire, after they found him on a floating object in waters near the rivals’ disputed sea boundary.

What?? This is so weird on so many levels, starting the claim that this guy wanted to defect to NK. As it is, the story makes no sense.

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On the face of it there does not seem much likelihood or personal benefit in his attempting to defect to NK, that unsupported suggestion does sound like a government planted bit of misdirection in light of the current government’s policy of brown nosing the dictatorship.

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A possible coverup of an unprovoked attack and murder (maybe) on a S Korean by NK to avoid conflict and outrage by the SK people?

Besides, what can SK do at this point other than invade the country, start a coup, or kill and NK citizen?

Who wants to fight during a pandemic?

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Moon is still living in denial. Everyone knows exactly what kind of country North Korea is, but he still keep thinking they can become bff. A country that actively breaks every human right there is and constantly use threats and violence to get what they want. Moon is blinded by the untape resources that North Korea could offer him., that he willingly want to work with a dictator. While at the same time he keep trying to stoke hatred for Japan about something that happen almost a century ago.

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Enjoy trying to get buddy buddy with Lil Kim, President Moon. They murdered your government official and tried to cover it up by instant cremation. How are you gonna respond tough guy?

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One death, possible nuclear war. Bejesus, wake up peeps.

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I don't trust the N. Korean government at all and I don't trust the S. Korean government much either. But if there is any truth to this its strange I don't see anyone defending N. Korean law. Seems every other stupid or bad law gets some defense if its the U.S. or Japan here. But fact is I don't know what to believe with this oddball story. A tale of two loonies.

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The entire story sounds "FISHY" from both sides account. The poor guy could have been a mold playing both sides and was put out to sea and the NK just had enough and finished him off. Who knows but something sounds very skeptical

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Why is he in North Korea border?

He was a member of the government's fishery monitor, ie a public servant.

Why did he attempt to go alone?


How did South Korea identify the body if it was burnt?

They were monitoring the whole incident from the capture through execution and burning. The ROK military didn't want to make this info public because this would expose their surveillance capability.

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