SpaceX launches giant new rocket but loses spacecraft eight minutes into flight


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No comments about being Sabotaged by Anti-musk persons given his recent purported comments that may have been misinterpreted ?

Anyway, SpaceX employs a lot of smart individuals who are not Musk. They put in a lot of hard work to creating this product, and with hope, they will eventually get it right - without persecution, regardless towards the association with comments from one person who makes off-the-cuff remarks.

Avoid the Individual, rather than the Employees...

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Zannen desu ga. I guess it is good they are working out these kinks before there is a human at the top of it.

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There are 2 ways to learn to make rockets achieve the goals. SpaceX is using iteration. Failures are expected. Hopefully, everyone notices that prior failures in their test programs never happen again.

The first test had a number of booster rocket engines fail. Zero failed for the 2nd test flight. The first test had both the booster and ship blow up while still connected. They split and were destroyed when the computers detected unrecoverable errors, as designed. The ship made it beyond US-based ground tracking, so over the horizon in the Atlantic ocean. Much farther than last time.

Humans won't be on starship for years. It will be a heavy lift vehicle for many needs before humans ever ride it.

Plus, everyone enjoys an unscheduled, rapid, disassembly event, right?

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