Suicide bombings rock central Baghdad; at least 28 dead


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The price of false democracy from "dubya."

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Just why? What a stupid waste of life.

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The price of false democracy from "dubya."

The US Congress declared war on Iraq - not “dubya”.

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The US Congress declared war on Iraq

The US Congress authorized the President to declare war on Iraq if he thought it was necessary. It was ultimately declared by the President, but I think all parts of government have to share the blame. That goes for the UK government too.

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Bush/Blair's Weapon of Mass Deception.

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You supported the war too, Wulf.

Full-throated backing of it over the years, even. Independent Republicans own that war.

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The US Congress declared war on Iraq - not “dubya”.

Get the clue from your votes.

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Ahh the Iraq invasion by America. The gift that just keeps on giving.

The Americans really screwed up that one. But they have American Exceptionalism! So they don't have to take any responsibility for it, because they're American! And they're Exceptional!

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According to a report in Arab News, quote: "BAGHDAD: The Daesh has claimed responsibility for a rare and deadly twin suicide bombing that rocked central Baghdad killing over 30 and wounding dozens.

The group said the bombing “targeted apostate Shiites,” on a statement circulating in an Daesh-affiliated website late Thursday. The statement said the first bombing was carried out by Abu Youssef Al-Ansari and the second by Mohammed Arif Al-MuHajjir."

Nothing to do with the Americans.

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