Suspected Christmas market gunman named; had long police record


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Roland Ries regurgitates the same old cliche that always comes after people are blown up, mown down by vehicles or shot to death.

‘life must go on’

Not many questions about where and how radicalization continues in European cities are there?

Well, until lengthy discussions and actions are taken it will only continue

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Not many questions about where and how radicalization continues in European cities

Some people are asking questions about how and where this happens. This man was radicalized in prison, others online and others by hate preachers ( some of whom have been locked up or kicked out after years of spreading violent intolerance ). For laying the foundations, there have also been disturbing reports about what is being preached in some schools.

Unfortunately, some continue to shout down those who are trying to have an honest discussion about this. They claim there is no religious component to jihadism. These people are extremely unhelpful, but thankfully there are people, including reformist Muslims, who are prepared to look at the whole picture and put themselves in danger by doing so. These people are among the finest Europe has to offer.

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A consequence of indiscriminate immigration and the failure of a nation to adequately provide security

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the man had been radicalized in prison and had been monitored by French intelligence services since his release from jail in late 2015, because of his suspected religious extremism.


"Religious extremism".

People have made the point that this suspect was born in France and was not a recent immigrant. And that he is just another criminal.

And, laughably, the authorities state that his motivations are unknown.

When society refuses to acknowledge the facts before them, the reality that exists, and equivocates or deflects or makes excuses, it only makes the situation worse.

Immigration into France had created many problems, even prior to the flood of "refugees" starting in 2015. Over the decades, ghettos have emerged that led to homegrown problems. And then the French allowed places of worship and schools that preached radical ideology to flourish. And time and time again, on the Continent, whenever radicalization and religious extremism is referenced, it is always referenced in relation to one religion and one religion only.

That is not bigotry, that is not hate, that is just a cold, hard statement of facts.

Yes, other terrorists have existed over the years. Separationists like the Basque terrorists and the IRA and so forth. Palestinian liberation groups. And in such cases, the threat is clearly identified and addressed.

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Well worded Zones 2 Surf;

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