Sydney put into two-week hard lockdown as Delta COVID-19 cases grow

By Lidia Kelly

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Let’s the madness and the hygienist repression continue in the country of fearful people. So stupid.

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Let’s the madness and the hygienist repression continue in the country of fearful people. So stupid.

Hygienist repression? What you have typed doesn't even make sense.

One thing is certain. Australia will emerge with a stronger economy plus lower covid death toll than your country.

10 ( +21 / -11 )

80 cases?

How many deaths?

Continue to live in fear then..

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Australia showing what needs to be done.

Short lock-downs ensure safety while not impacting the economy too much (since it can resume at full power shortly after).

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Too slow. They should've did this right away. 80 known cases means way more being spread as we read.

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So stupid.

Very true.

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Get your bloody vaccine act together so this isn't necessary. There's an awful lot of whinging on this board about Japan's failures, and those failures are clear and many. But what's Australia's excuse? It has favorable trade relations with most major vax-making countries. Educated and literate population. Strong scientific community. Strong G12 economy. It's OKd AstraZeneca and Pfizer. Its population is 10 mil. less than Tokyo metro and heavily concentrated in a few coastal cities. And it's actually now just about even with Japan for 1st shots. The australiatodaydotcom boards must not be a happy place.

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There are actually people in Japan that WANT a lockdown. Shocking! My guess is that 95% them are expats. Japan is fine and it is getting better every day. Our lives were never interrupted in the same way as other first-world countries. With the vaccine rollout at an incredible pace, Japan is shaping up great.

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Its population is 10 mil

This shows the ignorance and inaccuracy of some posters. Australia's population was 10 million, in 1959. That is sixty two years ago. Today it is over twenty six million.

Lets dial down the heated posts. Australia dragged its feet on vaccinations because it had time on its side. Covid has been basically under control since Melbourne's long lock down. A few cases breaking out of quarantine have caused short sharp effective lockdowns in some states.

The time gained by control has been to some extent wasted and that is poor planning and execution on the Governments part.

Sydney should have locked down faster but is now doing the correct things to help arrest the current outbreak.

In a recent Lowery Institute survey 95% of Australians surveyed agreed with the governments handling of covid. You will find it hard to find 95% of people who agree on anything so we are happy with the control we have over covid even while wishing the vaccination programs had been better.

I am getting my second jab of Astra Zeneca this coming week, so the vaccinations are happening.

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He said "Its population is 10 mil. less than Tokyo metro" That includes Chiba, Saitama & the rest. Figure looks about right.

You're both "about right". The govt's (especially state level) approach has actually been pretty good so far. Time to pull the finger out on vaccinations though. Some stuff ups from Morrison & co on the delivery front.

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Appologies for my "misread".

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@Dr Maybe exactly and thank you. Tokyo metro is roughly 38M, Australia is roughly 25M. JP and Aus have both stuffed it up in their own ways. I was, however, stunned to see JP has made up a lot of vax ground in the last 2 weeks and is near-even with Aus for 1st dose percentage. Here I thought Aus was a model country. Hard to say which is better without being there. My friends in Oz don't sound too miffed about their situations. Oz being Oz, there's plenty of social distance. I guess it's been one extreme to another there, whereas JP has been this plodding, wishy-washy mix of arbitrary advisories. JP could have been a leader thanks to its people's amazing self-restraint. It could have easily been over 50% by now. Not sure about Australia.

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Australia relied too much on lockdowns, they were obviously effective and let the country control efficiently outbreaks, but that also made them bet almost everything on them and did not prepare appropriately on the vaccination front. It is time to begin switching strategies and support much more importantly the efforts to immunize the population, at least all the vulnerable segment first, so the inevitable outbreaks are easier to control and less dangerous.

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Well, hold the press,

Lockdown? Hard Lockdown?

Under the rules in place through July 9, people can leave home for essential work, medical care, education or shopping. The rest of the state will have limits on public gatherings and masks will be obligatory indoors.

There is some interpretation here.

However until the Australian government publish the full economic impact of this pandemic the people will not know what is economically coming down the chute in the future.

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The real problem with Australia is it's pitiful vaccination roll-out. Australia should look at Canada which has done a really good job with vaccinations.

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As of two days ago, 4.7% fully vaccinated in Australia. That is not enough to prevent more Covid-19 outbreaks. The lockdowns were supposed to be used while we waited for vaccines to arrive. Now is the time to use the vaccines.

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Fully vaccinated in Canada, 26%. Fully vaccinated in the USA, 46%.

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