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Tiny wrists in cuffs: How police use force against children in U.S.


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> American as a nation have been trained to love authority - the police, the FBI, the CIA, the military. Half the programs on TV are aimed at maintaining that mindset. Not to mention a good number of Hollywood films.

All those global movies making making Asians "heartless fiends", Indigenous people "savages", Blacks "animals", and whites (the saviors of every story) from the beginning of the 1900s until now did not help much!

It is where most Asians get there stereotypes of other POC as dangerous. Japan and its police are no different.

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Odd that this is Chicago and California in the two featured stories. Crime ridden blue city/state.

1 Red states have a lot less people with poorer economies, so the rates are high, but the numbers are low.

2 Red states are more likely to cover up crimes against people of color.

Over Half of Police Killings Aren't Reported, Blacks Most Likely Victims


Black people have known since slavery that police (slave patrols) were created to assault and mistreat them. And, police have done very little to prove them wrong.

Technology has made it harder for racist police to hide the evidence. Institutional racism is what the US was founded upon which was white people benefiting from the color of their skin. This is why trump and his followers want "the good ole days" (MAGA) back.

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Sheesh, Chicago is a war zone. Mostly fatherless youth causing the violence. What should we do? Maybe Black Lives Matter should start caring for their own instead of hate whitey, like this article.

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Resident conservative poster here.

I 100% agree that there is a problem with policing in America today. Too much time spent on revenue generation and not enough on Serve and Protect. Poor training, paranoia, and the ability for bad cops to drift from department to department are all major problems. Body cameras need to be mandatory. Good cops outnumber the bad ones, but also need to 'out' the bad ones when necessary.

Don*t know enough about the specific cases in this story to comment on them. Generally speaking though, more minority people (well, black and hispanic anyway) come into contact with police because they commit more crimes on a per capita basis. They tend to live in urban areas where bad stuff happens, so it is no surprise that the police encounter them (and arrest/cuff/)them more.

SHINKANSEN: Asians are not considered minorities when it does not suit the particular sociopolitical narrative of the moment.

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Serious and honest question. I am not trying to cause trouble, but are people of Asian descent considered people of color as well?

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Japan Violet:

"It's a huge problem in the U.S. Very terrible and violent. Why are they like that?"

Well, where do you start...... maybe in education, drilling it in to the young throughout their schooling, to have a deep respect for the sanctity of life and for a rules-based authority.

Then the constantly violent fodder on TV and in their movies should be drastically scaled-back to stop the glorification, instead focusing on how precious every single life on this planet is.

Then there's the main problem of weapons - currently over 390 million firearms in private hands in USA, possibly the biggest genie to get back into the bottle, and projected by vested interests.

All things must change in the U.S. in order to make it a more safe and civilised country for everyone. You get one chance to live your life, why choose violence when the alternatives are endless.

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Since the Cops are so bad...just remove them all from the streets. Have the neighborhood crackhead respond to anything bad that happens.

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 the handcuffs were taken off in 30 mins once age was know

I gave you a link to an article describing kids in school being handcuffed by police.

Are you suggesting that American cops don't realise until it's pointed out to them, that school kids are ...kids?

 Crime ridden blue city/state

Maybe that's the way you see it. It's the old 'We're all lovely, it's the other guys who are bad and not the same as us' meme that seems rife in the increasingly dysfunctional Ununited States.

From where the rest of us are sitting, you're all just Americans, you know?

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this story says the kid cant sleep anymore because of what happened "that night two years ago".

Yet the original story in 2019 claims that "Just before they began to get ready for school on a Friday morning"


Also helpfully has a picture of the 8 year old kid, was wondering about his size at that age. Admits that the handcuffs were taken off in 30 mins once age was know. while adults were handcuffed for 2 hours.  

Someone trying to get paid, dont hate the hustle. Chicago mayor hates her own police force so I am sure she wont mind if the city gives them one of those multi-million dollar taxpayer funded George Floyd payoffs.

Now they should at least get paid for the ceiling damage to their house, that part I do agree.

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It's OK for armed police to handcuff kids, taser them, point guns at them, pin them down, for what?

Once the police were told his age and confirmed, they took off the handcuffs.

Odd that this is Chicago and California in the two featured stories. Crime ridden blue city/state.

So that kids dont try to kill you, which they are perfectly capable of.


Two children are facing attempted murder charges in Florida after they allegedly broke into a home and used several guns they found inside, including an AK-47, to stage an armed standoff with sheriff’s deputies.

“A 12-year-old opened fire on us,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said at a news conference late Tuesday. “A 14-year-old opened fire on us with a shotgun and then walked out and threatened one of my sergeants and told him she was going to kill him.”

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ONE case where nothing really happened.


12,000* incidents** described by the NYPD as "child in crisis interventions" where a student is removed from a classroom or school to be transported to a hospital for a psychological evaluation between 2016 and 2020. ...Around 10 percent of these students in crisis were handcuffed, including numerous instances where children under the age of 13, ***including five, six, and seven-year-olds**, were handcuffed before they were forcibly removed from a classroom for evaluation

It's OK for armed police to handcuff kids, taser them, point guns at them, pin them down, for what? BYWB? (Being Young While Black?) Either there is something very wrong with the people who think this is OK, or they're correct and there is something very wrong with American kids. Which means something very, very wrong with American society.

So which is it?

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No need for quotes as an 8 year old is widely accepted to be a child, by rational adults anyway.

But there are more people in the group of "children" that this article discusses other than the 8 year old who was featured to set the narrative. The study was actually of under 16.

The 8 year old was the bait, to lure you in, to create an emotional response to ONE case where nothing really happened.

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Why are they like that?

Look at the country's history and recall many Americans view any progress away from that history as a negative.

70 or so million Americans view 'progress' of any sort as frightening. Many of these frightened by changes are the ones owning arsenals to rival those held by police and military forces. Perhaps, because at some time a couple hundred years ago some early American leaders wrote laws some have interpreted as saying Americans could own guns to fight the state and each other. And since then Americans started killing each other in ever greater numbers, rather than killing by the millions the peoples who had lived on the lands that became the USA.

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BigYenToday  04:47 pm JST


Well, if you and I agree, then I reckon we’ve pretty much got it covered. :)


It might surprise some, but I do have a heart in there somewhere :-)

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who often go on to treat the cycle

that should be "who often go on to repeat the cycle"

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I recommend them becoming police officers to work on their traumatic experiences. And surely they will do the same then, also hunt them at day or in the dark, letting them kneel down , taking them handcuffed to the office and all that. Why? Not because of Stockholm syndrome or because they primitively want to make them suffer and go through the same what happened to them when they were kids like written above, no, but just simply only to survive some months longer in that having become extremely violent crime and drug jungle.

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BigYenToday  04:32 pm JST

Getting away from Right vs Left and Democrat vs Republican, does everyone agree that pointing guns at 6 to 8 year-olds and cuffing them should not be happening? Or do some people think that’s OK, nothing to worry about?

I don't agree with you very often, but this is one of those times.

Still, this article is heavy on the emotional appeal and of course there's likely far more to these stories than the media bothers to report. Like shattered families, no father at home, DV and more. It's terribly sad for the kids, who often go on to treat the cycle.

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It's a huge problem in the US. Very terrible and violent. Why are they like that?

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American as a nation have been trained to love authority - the police, the FBI, the CIA, the military. Half the programs on TV are aimed at maintaining that mindset. Not to mention a good number of Hollywood films.

It's just another aspect of binary American thinking; the good buy vs. the bad guy.

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Royal Smart remembers every detail: the feeling of the handcuffs on his wrists. The panic as he was led outside into the cold March darkness, arms raised, to face a wall of police officers pointing their guns.

He was 8 years old.

This probably won't move many on the right:broken homes, culture of criminality and Democrat-led failed inner cities would be the usual litany.

Maybe if they googled the many stories and videos of coward cops who shoot people's dogs; many at mistaken addresses or serving summons for minor offenses they would have more sympathy with how many people view the police.

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”Conservative” posters here love the idea f a police state as long as it’s enforcing their morals.

Yeah, they are almost as bad as the "liberal" posters here in that regard.

American as a nation have been trained to love authority - the police, the FBI, the CIA, the military. Half the programs on TV are aimed at maintaining that mindset. Not to mention a good number of Hollywood films.

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It wasn't like that at all, it started around the mid 80's when gangs were and still is ruling the streets of America, yes there was Mafia before that but the numbers of killings were much lower. Guns got cheaper$ laws were relaxed to sell more and more guns, teen started arming themselves to the teeth and so did the police.

It's not too late, but for as long as the NRA and their powerful lobbying army are on the capital hill nothing will change.

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Children like Royal were not the focus after George Floyd was killed by police in 2020, prompting a debate on the disproportionate use of force by law enforcement, especially on adults of color. But in case after case, an Associated Press investigation found kids as young as 6 have been treated harshly by officers — handcuffed, felled by stun guns, pinned to the ground. Departments nationwide have few or no guardrails to prevent such incidents.

The US method of law enforcement is truly disgusting if it condones crap like this. 6-8 year olds?? Really??

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Land of the Free.

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Another example of systemic racism. There is a reason why critical race theory is important to learn.

Apparently, white judges are just creating laws on the fly to incarcerate children of color. I wonder if she also getting kickbacks from private prisons like other judges.

"A Tennessee judge created and used policies - and a nonexistent law - to jail children, investigation finds"



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I guess it’s training for a life with lots of violence and crime and police.

Since in the states we insist on the right to bear arms, and to also have concealed deadly weapons combined with the right to use it on anyone who wrongs you…you will have horrific violence, and needless killings, and stuff of horror films, like school shootings etc.

Its cultural, and the responsibility comes with a huge price to pay.

The Police and authorities are also trigger happy due to this, and although I am half American and love it, this is one of the things that I dislike about it.

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