Trump airs old election grievances in return to rally stage


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Poor poor donald, he lost an election, he’s losing his businesses and he’s losing ivanka too.

I too feel sorry for him.

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It looks like a whiny "pity party."

Somebody needs to pay for their legal defense fund why not con the rubes into believing he will run to lose miserably again!

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I can’t wait for the time when this slice of America wakes up from this madness. What will it take? Sometimes I think only his death will loosen the grip on these people.

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Burning BushToday  12:24 pm JST

A country without a transparent and trust elections process is a broken country.

Totally agree, we need to have a recount in Russia!!

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Forgotten but not gone.

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Trump has said he is committed to helping Republicans regain control of Congress

Didn't he do that to the runoffs in Georgia and the Republicans lost?

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A demented fool who just won't man up and give it up.

Hey, the liberals, especially the old demented ones are not giving up to chase him and try to stop him from running so why should Trump stop?

After six months sad and pathetic. A candidate who will fight on his failure to win an election beaten by a candidate with a historical number of votes.

Not really, he can talk all he wants about the election, his right, just like the left want to talk about Jan 6. non-stop. but at the same time, Trump is laying the groundwork to push for future Republicans and position themselves to retake the House, smart move

The greatest in history. Defeated, defeated and defeated. Should campaign on policy not being a sore loser. Does he even have a single policy? Still blaming Pence for his defeat, a devoted servant of four years. A lap dog even. In the end, Pence refused to break the law for his master. It was Pence who called out the national guard on Jan 6.

Ok, but here is the thing, the Dems failed in trying to get Trump barred from running, so the only and last option they can do is try and go back on frivolous lawsuits from before he became President, hope they can get enough witnesses to try and convict the guy and then hit him with a financial judgment to the point where it depletes all of his liquid assets, and again, good luck with that.

The election was declared the safest in history by the FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security. 

Uh-huh, ROFL

Even the republican senate, Moscow Mitch declared Trump the loser. Another Trump devoted servant threw on the dogpile

Mitch won't probably run again, so he can say what he wants, Harry Reid did as well, give them that twilight moment.

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The event had many of the trappings of the rallies Trump held as a candidate and as president. There was the eclectic playlist, the same stage design, and many familiar volunteers. Trump even reprised his performance of “The Snake,” a song he has used as an allegory for illegal immigration, and the crowd chanted “Lock her up” at the mention of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat he defeated in 2016.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, the song remains the same...Politicians from Washington to Tokyo need to realize there is an actual "silent majority" who want solutions for the multiple challenges we face as societies. Not an empty rehashing of platitudes and business as usual...

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baseless claims of fraud

These baseless claims are being shown to be just that; baseless, through 45 and his GOP's ongoing fraudits, while Trump and the far right wack Republicans continue to further divide the country in their attempts to undermine elections and voting.

45 and his far right media plus his 72 or so million backers suffering Trump devotion syndrone although a minority of the country are doing as much damage as they can to the country.

Trump is all about the ratings, so it must really bother him that so far Biden has got ratings higher than any Trump had.

Trump should have stayed on his reality TV show. Instead of living in a shadow reality along with his Qanon followers.

The GOP are trying to steal the 2024 election for Trump and his fellow far right, white nationalist politicians.


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“President Trump is my president, too” she said.

Weird how some have no understanding of the norms of democracy.

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No, I don't think so. The only people who decide will be the republican party and whether in 2024 Trump will be their selected candidate

He will be, there’s no one else except DeSantis that could possibly run and he’s not only a Trump protege, but he’s a skilled anti-establishment politician. Either way, the GOP will have to settle for either these two men going forward on Trump’s agenda.

Even Trump's children have been trying to get him to man up and accept his defeat.

The msm has taken that once again way out of context. That’s not what they said and if the msm would try and interview his kids fairly and honestly, they could hear the real scoop instead of just dong what they always do, speculate and pass it off as legitimate news source.

So you are back to the position of rejecting all the security agencies.

I don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the top echelon leaders of the FBI, not a single word.

Trump is a coward

If he were a coward then he would do what GWB is and shun the media and allow them to take him down and define him, not Trump. Going stronger than ever and this administration keeps this guy excited about as Mitch and Trump agreed upon, to make sure that Biden is a one term President. I’m fine with that.

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I don't think so. Four years in politics is a lifetime.

No, 8 years actually.

There will be the usual number of candidates to show fairness to all.

Again, besides DeSantis there is not one Republican alive as we speak that can defeat him.

Trump might be one of them.

But given his unrelenting ego, he probably will

We don't even know if he will survive until 2024.

You’re non of us, Biden, Kamala, you or me. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us.

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I think Trump should run again in 2024, with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I'm sure his actions since losing the last election must have gained voters for the Republicans. It only makes sense that even though he has never legitimately won the presidency, he's definitely increased his voter base and can do it this time.

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Ivanka/Kushner took a reset with Trump and now want no part of his political failures and ambitions. They don't need his money. They did very well during Trump's single term of office.

Again, we don’t know the details, we just know what the msm has been trying to tell us in their opinions, we know the game from these people.

What of all the rest of the agencies including the AG?

Again, the left extrapolated the parts of that report that they felt supported their narrative to a limited point instead of dissecting oh elaborating on every single detail of that report and they didn’t do that, nothing new.

Declared the safest election in history, in history!

And you can believe and entitled to that viewpoint if you want.

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Despite the massive American media censorship, the majority of Americans insist on a forensic audit, seven months later.

How about providing some actual evidence for this claim. The only "majority" you are going to find is going to be among die-hard Trump loyalists and other hyper-partisans.

If Democrats are confident they won an honest election, why are they so desperate to stop the audit?

Democrats and others want to stop the Arizona-style "Fraudit" from continuing. Many audits of the election results were done after the election (and quite a few by Republican-led auditing committees), and no fraud was ever found. You cannot hand over federal election ballots to crazy partisan groups like the "Cyber Ninjas" and expect to get any credible results. The sad fact is, Trump supporters will never be happy until they get the results that they want--no matter what the evidence is to the contrary, and that is dangerous for democracy.

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The media spent millions recounting the votes in Florida.

Wow, there are people on the right stupid enough to think that the media can somehow enact and fund recounts.

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You forgot the part where GW Bush was a two-term president.

But he was still a punching bag for the left and did nothing and allowed it. Not to mention the man was an establishment quasi-Republican lite.

I am expecting Biden to stand down after his term and the 47th president

I doubt he’ll get that far at this rate. Once the GOP retake the House, it’s pretty much over for Joe….or he has to go straight center and that’s going to tick off the Marxists.

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The media sure did want to uncover the truth after Bush defeated Gore. The media spent millions recounting the votes in Florida. When they proved that Gore lost they quietly closed up shop and moved on. But the reason for the lack of curiosity this time is as obvious as the ginned up Russia collusion conspiracy the mainstream media flogged for three years after 2016 election. The only collusion we’ve had is the in-kind aid the media has been giving the Democrats for decades. It got so bad that Leftist billionaires were injecting money into the government election machinery in 2020. Democracy dies in darkness.


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"Will you shut up, man?"

Joe Biden to Donald Trump in 2020

Trump has got to be the most despicable former president in U.S. history.

I wonder, will Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama agree to be in the same photo with a guy like Trump in future reunions of the presidents?

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Whether or not you hold the notion that the evidence of election fraud was uncompelling, there WAS evidence and thus the claims of fraud are not "baseless".

The only "evidence" was Trump saying it was so.

That's not evidence though mate. Only the morons think it is.

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Trump has got to be the most despicable former president in U.S. history.

To the left and establishment without a doubt, to 78 million they would disagree.

I wonder, will Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama agree to be in the same photo with a guy like Trump in future reunions of the presidents?

Why would they not, he was the former President, on the other hand and with the exception of Carter, I’m surprised Trump would want to take a photo op with the other idiot Presidents.

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The Trump haters will soon be in shock. Donald Trump never conceded. Who has possession of " Airforce 1 " ?

Who is not allowed in to the Pentagon ?

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Would love to know where you get your 78 million from when only 74 million voted for Trump?

Hmm….from the media opposite that tells you he only got 74 million and I’m talking followers

Are you fact or fiction?

Oh, not me. But look, I get it. As long as Trump is not banned or blocked from running he will always be a threat to the left and so far they left hasn’t been successful in stopping him and like Pelosi was stating, she’s very worried about next year.

She should be.

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