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Trump pardons former top strategist Bannon

By Steve Holland

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You think that the guy who hid out in his basement for a year, can not string together a coherent sentence, and needs 25000 troops to protect his coronation is more popular that the super-popular Obama?

Ask yourself who has been "conned" here.

It sure seems that way. Because he got more votes than Obama did.

The 25,000 troops are to protect the democratically elected President of the United States from violent pro-Trump insurrectionists.

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He should pardon Assange, but I am afraid he will not dare, as the swamp is too strong.

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Almost feel sorry for the people who Trump pardoned as he will use it as leverage against them until their last breath! Amazing that Trump didn't pre-pardon any of his family or try to pardon himself. He must have been convinced that that would be too stupid even for him to do. Four years as POTUS and he has behaved just as he is; a con artist, an egotist, and a narcissistic psycho. A man who truly only cares about doing anything that might be of advantage to him. Great that 81 million people have seen the light but scary that 74 million people have still been conned. As Jimmy Fallon said recently, 'Trump's approval rating is now 29%, which is pretty good considering he just incited an insurrection! What on earth would Trump have to do to get below 20%!!' It beggars belief that still almost a third of people in the US think he's worth supporting. Again, it all goes back to education and improving the education system in the US.

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It's bad, actually.

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As thick as thieves. Lock ‘em up!

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Bob FosseToday  03:07 pm JST

Any thoughts from the trump fans with a history of ranting about black crime and illegal firearms? Seems trump is not the law and order guy he claimed to be.

Just "good," apparently, and a few downvotes from Trump fans who presumably have nothing much to say for themselves.

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What? No pardon for Putin?! He's also known for his "acumen" in boring deep down into the secrets of the US security services. Also conspicuously missing from the party favors list are the names Snowden and Assange who Trump would have liked to pardon to wind up his Russiagate tormentors, but was sternly warned against it, as these two are still invaluable assets as bogeymen to serve as examples to would-be whistleblowers grassing on government criminality.


"Bannon has been an important leader in the conservative movement and is known for his political acumen," 

Seriously, to add to Trump's ghostwriter's (Stephen Miller?) coy thumbnail CV of this unscrupulous, scruffy, fascist grifter, Bannon is also known as a plain thief who will still have to be shaken down by the law to give back the massive sums he embezzled and then forced to dish the dirt on his fairy godfather's sleazy bizness dealings he's been privy to.

I wonder how the three right-wing Supremes feel now about their eagerness to accept lifetime appointments from this reprobate 45th who has brazenly and repeatedly demonstrated to the world that he has no respect for the law or the Constitution. I wonder if they are now hanging their heads in shame to witness the utter travesty Trump has made of the presidential pardon power and the messy constitutional crisis he has thoughtlessly dropped into Biden's lap as his ungracious parting gift, and whether in future they will work to rehabilitate their reputations by repudiating Trump and all his works.

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I find the fact that he can pardon convicted criminals on a whim (or for money) quite distasteful.

Trump is not the charitable type so the invoices will follow very soon I'm sure.

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Wonder if Bannon paid any money for the pardon. Bannon pulled $1M from the $25m scammed from Trump followers.

How many people close to Trump needed pardons for the things they did in connection with Trump?

I lost count.

A criminal enterprise through and through.

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Rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black...is this a joke?

Then he should have also cleaned the slate slates of those gunned down with rap sheets thicker than a Japanese pension folder.

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Bannon's pardon is particularly awesome. He bilked Trump supporters our of their money, and now they have no recourse to get it back.

And I bet the vast majority of them, the ones who were defrauded by Bannon, support Trump's decision. It's a win-win for everyone. Stupid Trump supporters get scammed, and Trump pardons the scammer..

Just awesome. Another kick to the nuts for Trump fans while they cheer and wonder why they are feeling sore. It's because Trump and Bannon took your money, and you can't do a damn thing about it but support them.

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Oh no, Unfair justice system.

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Pardon my mistake it was lil wayne not lil kim. but point still stands

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No doubt people who were awfully happy about Trump's previous pardons, including confessed baby murderers (and some posters on here said literally that they were very happy about it), will be pleased Trump has pardoned more criminals.

Glad he didn't pardon Rudy or the family, though. Can't wait for them to be imprisoned.

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So his last act of swamp draining was to issue pardons for his political cronies charged with corruption?


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I wonder how much money exchanged hands.

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I also read where trump was going to pardon lil kim so that throws the one posters comment out the window

Scrolling through his pardons, a person of colour I haven't found,

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Walk the case file over to the Manhattan DA’s office and say “Here you go. This is a sure thing.”

Problem solved.

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Trumps plan was to be President for 8 years and then win the 2024 election with whoever he endorses. His self-worth is tightly tied with how many people praises him. Now that he thinks more people like Biden than him, he's lost.

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Nothing for Ghouliani though as yet.

I wonder how much the most corrupt President in history sold the pardons for....

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One criminal pardoning another criminal

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Not a surprise , Bannon knows where the bodies are buried.

But funny part is that now Bannon can be forced to testify against trump!!!

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It will be interesting to see whether Lt. Gen. (ret.) Honore finds Bannon played a role in the Jan 6 Trump rally and its following deadly attack. Trump has reportedly pardoned a couple African American rappers, including Lil Wayne, who endorsed him during the election, and Kodiak Black.

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Trump offering pardons to randoms like handing out candy to trick or treaters.

This should end well.

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Want an example of the power of the cult?

Trump just pardoned Steve Bannon - who dissed him rightly in Wolff's book...

*Bannon told journalist Michael Wolff that he viewed a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russian operatives arranged by Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner as *“treasonous” and “unpatriotic,” 

*Wolff writes: “Trump was vulnerable because for 40 years he had run what increasingly seemed to resemble a semi-criminal enterprise.” He then quotes Bannon as saying: “I think we can drop the ‘semi’ part.”*

Then Bannon gets caught outright scamming Trump supporters out of their money....

*Bannon and Kolfage, according to the charges, spent more than $350,000 of the donations on personal expenses, including cosmetic surgery,  by saying he was "building the wall" when all the time he and his partners were using the money for a* luxury SUV, a golf cart, payments toward a boat, home renovations, jewelry, personal tax payments and credit card debt.

Yet, I'll bet they'll still come out and say "Good job" Mr President....

It's absolutely crazy - just like Jim Jones and Jonestown...

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Scrolling through his pardons, a person of colour I haven't found, a mass killer in Afgaistan yes, a fraudsrer yes, does seems birds of a feather flock together. And here I was thinking Geoge W Bush was the worst ever, I've been proven wrong. By a forearm.

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Any thoughts from the trump fans with a history of ranting about black crime and illegal firearms? Seems trump is not the law and order guy he claimed to be.

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