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U.S.-French spat seems to simmer down after Biden-Macron call


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As expected, the French got over it quickly after Biden told them nothing was going to change because of their tantrum.

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They know where their bread is buttered.

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I don't think Australia should have been involved with France in the first place re: subs. EU pipeline, Soviets, knowledge of submarines systems, France has a habit of sitting on the fence, who knows which way the wind will blow, but at least they won't be able to give up or trade off any knowledge of the sub's

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So did Biden apologize?

of course he did. even more so proven by the fact that Psaki kept avoiding to answer the question.

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Sure! Biden backoff from his previous stance and everything is OK!

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How childish like behaving of the French President Macron?

Don't do business with the Company that was uFrench Government was part owner of the Company.

The decision of dumping of the French Naval Group was nothing to do with the American Government or the UK Government and the dumping was entirly on the Australian Government decision.

The French Naval Group was deserved to be sacked long time ago but without the French President Macron involment, the Naval Group was sacked long time ago. Five year late and budget blow out from 40 billions dollars to 90 billions dollars and asked another two year late and perhaps, budget blow out to 110 billions dollars, still have not design of Sub, if you do not sack Company like this Naval Group and then what kind of Company do you sack in practical way.

If the President Macron has demanded compensation and then we will give him Australian cucumber instead of money.

Also, Japanese Sub Company and Germa Sub Company should be upset about the French Naval Group tender cheating method. The Naval Group was dishonestly won the tender over German and Japanese Sub Companies.

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OZ will regret the decision to choose nuclear attack submarine(SSN) in 5 to 10 years of time! OZ is no way to build a SSN,she even couldn't produce a decent desel electric submarine (SSK)!

More likely to buy or lease a Los Angeles or

Trafalgar class second hand SSN but still this are big problems: Cost, a very expensive military asset that requires contribution of massive naval budget!

Skills: OZ has no experience of SSN operation, not even using a nuclear reactor, way to go ahead! She has no facility specialized for radioactive materials or nuclear reactor maintenence!

If you drives a Japanese made budget automobile for your whole life and you suddenly got into drive a Ferrari, you should know you are playing a very dangerous game!

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