U.S. still hopeful for talks after North Korea fires ballistic missiles

By Hyonhee Shin and David Brunnstrom

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They have always been in doubt. Especially after the pointless first Trump/Kim photo op meeting.

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Trump is useless on North Korea. Just free concessions and photo ops. They are a million miles apart on a deal.

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Donny and the Trumpophiles told us Kim was under control. Am I to believe they were incorrect?

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Some very measured and sensibly reactions in the article. I'm glad to see Trump and Abe have ditched the old hysterics and are following the path of dialogue.

Because it really is the only way.

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Trump's letting Xi and Putin, leaders of the nations with the longest standing in North Korea and nations with the most to gain, handle North Korea issues. Given Trump's main concern is always making more money for the Trump $yndicate while he's in the White House, what's Trump getting from this?

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Trump is a moron. Forget about anything constructive taking place with N. Korea until a more intelligent president takes his place.

2020 can't come soon enough.

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Both sides must play their cards in any negotiarions regardless opinions from those not in the "know".

With both China and Russia encroaching and opposed to open N Korea with the US, NK must keep its "stance" while making sure it was their "ally" and "bother to be" S Korea that announced the event. That allowed S Korea to play its role siding with US and its allies to also appear to keep China and Russia on guard.

Apparently something like this was at least "expected" by the US as it was outside of the parameters set up in the "agrrement" between Trump and Kim, knowing very well that the agreement was NOT between the rest of the world and KIm. The "expectations" and "requirements" are not the same.

In that light, as all countries have the right to "protect" itself and have armamants which require "testing", why not?

Every country with he ability and technology to use missiles have tested their armamants regularly.

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