Ukraine: 200 bodies found in basement in Mariupol's ruins


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The Currency of wars is BLOOD.

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EU and NATO will not let them become members because Ukrainian government is as corrupt as the Russians. I am not on Russian side, far from it, but facts are facts!

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Pukey, Ukraine do not have a free press, anything that hurt their feeling go unpunished, blaming others for Russian action ,is pissing a lot of people off,that would otherwise give support,if you support Ukraine,you are also supporting the seperatist,the rest of Ukrainain are in denial,that the EU and NATO will not let them become members

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It’s bare of any logic to take a side. They have the same history, time under the Tzars or communists and stalinists, the same mindset, education, military training and wartime behavior. Only the last eight years differ, which is of course nothing on the historical time scale, to make anyone get used to something we would call freedom or democracy. The only solution to end it or the situation to become some better is in fact to catch and beat them both. And if that’s not possible, then don’t meddle in, it neither makes sense nor does it prevent from getting hurt ourselves even much more than those two conflict parties. Look, we , outside in the whole other world and countries, we get into serious trouble now, not those two , Ukraine or Russia, they are used to violence, war, poverty, mass killings, whatever. It’s normal there for many many centuries and won’t change now or in a few months or years from now.

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Just want to clarify, was this reported by the Kiev regime officials who fled the city weeks ago, or Donetsk officials reporting on the dead bodies left behind by the Kiev regime's occupation when the Donetsk city became controlled by its population?

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 How about a report from the Russian side? Just one?

There is no war. Nothing to see here. 15 years to anyone who disagrees. (official)

 residents of these areas welcome the Russian soldiers.

There are(were) obviously at least 350,000 in Mariupol alone who did not welcome them, and either fled to safer areas of the country, or were killed by their 'liberators'.

If they did this in the western part of the country, they would be beaten, arrested, tortured, or in some cases even killed.

In any country at war at any time in history, openly rooting for the enemy is an invitation to be treated as the enemy. T'ain't rocket science.

Zenensky just passed a new law that anybody or company appearing to support or trade with Russia, or Russian speaking Ukrainians not aligned with Ukraine policies, can have all assets sold. (Not told on Western media).

in the middle of a war, I'd be more surprised if a blind eye was turned on those supporting or trading with the enemy.

Amazing though, how you can come up with all this major information that isn't being reported anywhere! Can you provide a link? Just one? (not linked to the Kremlin, obviously.)

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Ukrainian authorities said

according to Ukrainian authorities

estimated by Ukrainian authorities

British military authorities said.

Ukrainian media reported.

Good to see its not al all biased.. How about a report from the Russian side? Just one?

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It seems to be an inter service rivalry going on, a few years ago the air defence branch shot down a civilian airliner with 250+, now the artillery branch responds with 200 buried alive. Just wait for the army branch to get in on it? You really have to love the Russian idea of no collateral damage.

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By the Geneva Conventions, Russia has to keep them safe and taken care of until after the war.

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I doubt Russia will release any of the Azov Battalion !

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I really dont get it. No bodies= mobile crematorium (supposedly, but debunked).

But then bodies are also found, but not counted or reported as the actual number but as an estimation.

How are we supposed to believe all this in the way that it is presented?

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US journalist explains a certain aspect of Ukrainian history after WWII:

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I hate to burst your Russia is good bubble, but they are in fact the bad guys here

I hate to burst your bubble but there are no good guys either.

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this article is still talking about the long ago debunked "mobile crematoriums"?

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Ukraine cannot force Russian to their senses,so Ukraine will continue to bleed, Ukraine is suffering mass casualty on the Battlefield in Donbas,they are been transported in mass toward Lviv, Ukraine is losing 170 million dollars a day,they do not have anywhere to manufacture fuel, everybody want Russian to be pacified,but they do not want to give Ukrainian offensive weapon to reach Russian

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This "200 dead in the cellar" story will probably turn out to be more propaganda from Kiev.

as opposed to your anti-western propaganda ?

I hate to burst your Russia is good bubble, but they are in fact the bad guys here

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They say they do not know the date ,this is the first thing you would documents

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Those donating flags should donate food instead (see picture)

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An Associated Press investigation found that close to 600 people died in the theater attack, double the figure estimated by Ukrainian authorities.

And yet when other journalists actually visited the site they found no such evidence. This "200 dead in the cellar" story will probably turn out to be more propaganda from Kiev.

At least 21,000 people were killed in the siege, according to Ukrainian authorities

Like this....

and this...

who have accused Russia of trying to cover up the horrors by bringing in mobile cremation equipment and by burying the dead in mass graves.

Long debunked by people who actually visited the "grave site".

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Keep making Russia pay the price.

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