Ukraine, Russia battle in the east as Zelenskyy visits front


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Proud by not sending proper train soldiers,with inadequate training and supplies

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Keep making the Russians pay the price.

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Keep making the Russians pay the price

Damn straight. Give em HELL!

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ISW has a good daily tracker for keeping on top of things:

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Super,the people of Ukraine is paying the price,I saw a picture of a young child,with his hand blown off,and his face covered with bomb fragments,the EU want an end too war immediately,and NATO do not want to give Ukraine weapon to attack inside Russia,the people of Ukraine are the ones catching hell,and Zelensky do not have the answer

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Ukraine, I demand to join EU and NATO. EU and NATO, you can’t join. Russia, why do carry on doing this to your people?

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Ahead of this week's EU summit, France and Germany urge Putin to meet Zelenskyy

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Klaus,they have millions of Putinite traitor Ukrainain in Ukraine,they are willing too sellout,their country for nothing for Putin

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It seems nobody here has access to independent media. Try TOR.

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I see this missile range ,has been extended to 6 miles , destroying everything in it path

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If the US was fighting Ukraine or Russia,the war would of been over,see how the US is fighting Russian passive aggressively,the US would of removed Zelensky at first strike

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The Institute for the Study of War, a think tank based in Washington, questioned the Kremlin’s strategy of assembling a huge military effort to take Sieverodonetsk, saying it was proving costly for Russia and would bring few returns.

Yes, they have thrown a lot into taking that city and encircling that city, and yet they have failed. The have failed to cross the river with devastating lost of Russian soldiers and tanks.

If the Ukrainians pull back out of Sieverodonetsk in the end, they just need to blow the bridges further back and the Russians are stuck behind the river again.

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Russia is behaving just like Nazi Germany in WWII, except the Germans were far better soldiers than the Russians.

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Japanese manufacturing giant resumes deliveries to Ukraine

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Ukraine, Russia battle in the east:

Close quarter combat is getting more severe/intense & fiercer in east.

Killing has become more violent & pugnacious. The number of deaths has relegated to just statistics.

In war, there is never any winner.

Ultimately, every one is a loser..

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If the Ukrainians pull back out of Sieverodonetsk in the end

They won't. The roads from / to Severodonetsk are almost cut off, the Ukroforces are unable to pull back in any orderly way. Soon the whole bunch will be finished off, just like in Mariupol.

Even if that's true, the main point remains, what do they gain? Almost nothing and now they probably wish they had more forces around Kherson.

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Yes, here is one piece of info, a memorial to kids who were killed by the Ukroforces.

You fail to point out that Putin instigated the fighting in the Dombas by sending in Russian troops. Without Putin, there would be no fighting there.

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More land requiring liberation from the foreign invaders grasp, and return to Ukraine control. It is a long road ahead, but as units are trained in newer weapons systems donated and purchased, and deployed to the struggle, more of Ukraine will be freed and even more Russians will die for nothing.

I hope to see F16's, Abrams and Leopard2's in Ukraine hands soon, pushing Russian forces back across the border and returning freedom to all of Ukraine.

Do not advertise it, train them in silence and unleash them all together in surprise to Russian forces.

The future holds the end of this war, Ukraine's great patriotic war against Russian fascist forces under "Putin the slaughterer". Victory to Ukraine. Shame on Russia.

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It is important to note that though a small group of Kiev regime militants did spend weeks in the tunnels beneath a single industrial complex in Mauriopal, the city wasn't 'under seige' for the entire time. Indeed, other than for a few blocks around that industrial complex, the city spent most of the 'seige' operating in post seige mode, with municipal workers out cleaning up and repairing the civilian infrastructure.

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There is a reason why one third of all forces fighting against the Ukroforces are locals

The Western intelligence cited in media give such estimates. They give the whole Russian / Donbass forces' numbers around 200 thousand, including about 70 thousand Donbass (Donetsk and Luhansk republics') forces.

C'mon, he didn't and still doesn't want to have a "limited operation"

C'mon, something had to be done about the murderous regime. Those Donbass kids were killed by the regime (along with thousands of other people) pretty much BEFORE the Putin's operation. How the West justified its intervention in Kosovo?

But, please, you keep on believing the Ukrainian propaganda.


Even if that's true, the main point remains, what do they gain? Almost nothing and now they probably wish they had more forces around Kherson

They'll finish off a very strongly fortified area with its garrison - about 10 thousand of seasoned, well-trained troops. The regime already has problems with rebuilding its decimated units, it has to fill the gaps with territorial battalions of reservists with almost no training. And don't worry about Kherson, it's fine. Except sporadical missile strikes on its populace by the regime.

You fail to point out that Putin instigated the fighting in the Dombas

Wrong chain of events. The whole thing started in April 2014 when the coup d'etat ultranationalist plotters in Kyiev started a military operation against the population of Donbass, precipitating a civil war.

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