Ukraine to hold first war crimes trial of captured Russian


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I'd like to see the Russian who ordered this whole invasion and attacks on civilians be tried as War Criminal.

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The UN got complaints of Ukrainain violating the Geneva Convention, Ukraine corrupt judicial,he can probably bribe his way ought if charges

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On the economic front, Ukraine shut down one of the pipelines that carry Russian gas across the country to homes and industries in Western Europe, marking the first time since the start of the war that Kyiv disrupted the flow westward of one of Moscow’s most lucrative exports.

So the pipeline has been normally operating for the last 3 months during the "invasion" with Russian and Ukrainian gas companies cooperating and conducting business.

And while Zelensky berated European consumers for using gas while Ukrainians were being "slaughtered" he himself kept the pipeline open.

Is this really an all out war? Especially since less than 10% of Russia's active forces are deployed and most of Ukraine's regular military is still confined to barracks.

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Gross, arrogant, obscene, vulgar, barbaric, ruthless, etc., Today’s Russia . . . What a disappointment!

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Putin is a war criminal with a trickle down affect.

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Bronco - where are you hearing that Ukrainian forces are "confined to barracks"? I have seen you mention this a couple of times now.

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Good! Let the world see the brutality of Russia.

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while Ukrainians were being "slaughtered"

’slaughtered’ by the invading Russians

I'd like to see the Russian who ordered this whole invasion and attacks on civilians be tried as War Criminal.

hear hear !

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And I'm sure that this trial will be completely fair, and totally just. The judge and prosecutor might even remember to not wear any symbols from the losing side of WW2, and to at least pretend that the guilty verdict and sentence haven't already been written.

PS, what's going to be the reaction of the lynch mob post gang when a fighter for the Kiev regime is brought up in charges of war crimes in a Russian, Free Donetsk, or Free Luhansk court? Or if arrest warrants for Biden, Johnson, Trudeau, and/or Macron for aiding a terrorist group if the ultraextremists they are arming are designated as a terrorist group by countries?

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Darkness, misery, ugly. . . Russia may as well change its name to Mordor. And change Putin’s name to Sauron.

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Richard,these Ukrainain are reaping,what they sowed in Donbass,for being traitors

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As far as the headline goes, I am sure that will be a totally fair and just trial and not done for theatrics whatsoever. Seriously though, unless it is done by a neutral third party, there really is no point. A Ukrainian court overseen by a Ukrainian human rights coalition is going to have bias. People would say the same thing about a Russian trial of Ukrainian prisoners, justifiably so.

The article seems to mostly differ from the headline, seems to be focused on Kherson wanting to be annexed. Which is a whole different issue. I am not inherently opposed to the idea that such an action should be possible, but it does raise some questions about how much autonomy and self-determination regions should have.

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Richard,Russia do have any legal say in the judicial action of Ukrainain traitors

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I am a critic of Putin ,and Zelensky ,Putin for invading Ukraine and Zelensky for letting Putin invade,both share different degree of responsibility

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I'd like to see the Russian who ordered this whole invasion and attacks on civilians be tried as War Criminal.

and criminalization of communism NOW. The world has been enduring too much needless suffering for way too long, men are born free and are meant to pave their own way in life.

Gross, arrogant, obscene, vulgar, barbaric, ruthless, etc., Today’s Russia . . . What a disappointment!

You just described communism anywhere. There is no communism without a ruthless dictator, prove me wrong.

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and criminalization of communism NOW. 

Russia isn't communist. They haven't been communist for quite some time, they aren't even leftist. While it is true that communists did the majority of the heavy lifting in fighting fascism, being anti-fascist is not the sole defining feature of communism. There is a communist party there, that I can only hope sees a resurgence as Putin's popularity drops.

There's five communist countries in the world right now, assuming we count Juche as communist, and Russia is not one of them.

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Sound like a bad idea at this time.

I know Ukraine and Russian leaders are stuck in the old style propaganda with their crazy comments of hyperbolic over the top stuff like "we will crush these vile creatures like bugs to the gates of Moscow" or something silly like that.

But the reality is that Russia is still taking more territory, no Ukraine did not take back the region's near Kyiv Russia left, it doesn't matter why Russia left, the facts are Ukraine forces didn't "take" it back they just walked back in after Russia left. ( I mean I guess using the Ukraine version of take back Japan must have "Taken back" Okinawa from the USA 50 years ago, instead of it being a return).

But back to the bad idea.

If as so many here claim Russians are demoralized unhappy, etc... Ukraine putting a Russian soldier on trial while fighting is still going on is one way to get them angry at Ukraine, Moscow will use this announcement any trial as the perfect propaganda tool to motivate the Russian public and soldiers.

Couple this with the active banning of opposition parties, hunting for "traitors" ( meaning ethnic Russians) and Ukraine is giving Putin the best set of propaganda he could hope for.

The smart thing would have been to shut up, hold the guy and announce this "After" the fighting stops and Russia has stopped attacking!

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I'd like to see the Russian who ordered this whole invasion and attacks on civilians be tried as War Criminal.

Well then I guess no concern for what happened in Iraq, eh?- Which by the way is still a big mess.

People come out in force when the popular media narrative makes it safe for them, but are unable to face inconvenient facts when it doesn't match a pro-western narrative.

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I do have to point out that it is ironic that the same Ukrainian regime that has rewritten it's history to whitewash the Fascist, ethnic cleansing activities of the now "National heroes" UPA OUN before during and after WW2 complaining about war crimes is just precious!

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Every Russian soldier who commits murder should be held accountable . Hope he gets a severe sentence.

This is a necessary step, in order to let the Russian invaders know that there will be accountability and justice for their misdeeds. "Just following orders" from a tyrannical Putin is one thing, but going into the battle space and committing heinous crimes is an individual choice.

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Avenger,all Russian soldiers that entered Ukraine, should be banned from traveling to Western country,so this motivate them not to fight,living the rest of life in the hell of Russia

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But its not a war its a special operation.

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Good! Let the world see the brutality of Russia.

Some were previously able to see examples of Russian brutality in Homs, Aleppo, Grozny and elsewhere, but Russian state and other far right media, aided by their social media parrots were able to effectively cover up Russian atrocities in the minds of many rightists at least. The far right media aped Putin's 'other guys did it' tactic.

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complaining about war crimes is just precious!

Less precious than those unwilling to admit their fascist idol Putin is a warmonger and tyrant. Maybe not unwilling, but because they hate the US and NATO, align themselves with the Kremlin using the my enemy's enemy is my friend line of reasoning.

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Every Russian soldier who commits murder should be held accountable .

Let's rewrite that: "Every soldier who commits murder should be held accountable."

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LD - no problem with that

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And brutal Ukrainian killings of Russian POWs are…?

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Now, one of the interesting things about the internationally recognized legal definitions of what is a war crime differ substantially from the political definitions of what is a war crime.

Essentially, and individual soldier, in uniform, in action has all the protections local laws grant uniformed police in action. Shooting a civilian, even an unarmed civilian, doesn't constitute a crime. It has to be proven to be a deliberate act, the shooter has to be proven to have perceived no threat, and malice towards civilians has to be established.

The irony is that the trial itself, even if it doesn't result in a conviction, is more likely to meet the legal definition of a war crime than the act of shooting a civilian, even deliberately, will.

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Ukraine to hold first war crimes trial of captured Russian

Interesting, but much more interesting that Ukraine totally refused to comply with the Geneva Convention in relation to Russian prisoners of war.

Second: Ukraine has absolutely no interest in fate of Ukrainian POW

Third: Ukraine fundamentally does not take the bodies of its dead soldiers. Use and forget

Forth: Ukrainian forces use land to land missles not against Russian Army (very small loses in last month)

but against big cities in Ukraine in Russian zone (relly big loses)

War crimes trial?

Really intresting.

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