Ukrainians hurl stones at evacuees from China


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Fear and panic bring the worst out of people. These are times to stand together and support each other. Not this madness.

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Yikes! This is what I worry about every time a poster here insists he has a right to know what hospital patient's are being sent to.

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Break the bus windows. That's a great way to make sure the virus doesn't get out...

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Every since the Maiden "revolution" the far right has gained a foothold in Ukraine.

Are you referring to the Russians in Ukraine?

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Quick hide the rocks the idiots are on the loose.

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Ignorance is like a virus, it spreads like wildfire unless it’s eradicated.

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"Every since the Maiden "revolution" the far right has gained a foothold in Ukraine."

Not saying this behavior is warranted, but you are making this political statement for what purpose? Yeah, as opposed to the far left, which will embrace the virus and infectee with open arms while the rest of Ukraine takes a dump?

"Ignorance is like a virus, it spreads like wildfire unless it’s eradicated."

And the PRC says to trust the government, which is the most ignorant behavior one could ever have.

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Every since the Maiden "revolution" the far right has gained a foothold in Ukraine.

Are you referring to the Russians in Ukraine?

LOL! Nice one Townsend! Because Putin is so left wing, right?

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What exactly were these idiot protesters thinking here? These people were headed for quarantine where any potential vectors would be kept isolated from the population and their brilliant idea to solve this fear of the virus is to smash the windows and let potentially contaminated air out into the crowd of protesters?

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For all the nationalist jingoism that is endemic to Eastern European countries like Ukraine, they sure are quick to turn on their own.

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Every hate ridden stone thrower deserves to get infected themselves to know what it's like to be on the receiving end.

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Its been a very successful fear campaign folks. The media, government and mask salesmen must be very proud of themselves. This cold virus causes pneumonia and that's special sure. But meanwhile, over a thousand people have died in the U.S. over the flu. But they still got everyone thinking Covid 19 is the zombie plague. I have lost all hope and respect for the average Joe. Enjoy the over-lords you keep begging for.

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You can contact polio, rabid and TB in the Ukraine

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Both the extremists from far left & far right group are ignorant & immature!

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This is human nature at it's most basic and primitive levels. The want to survive overrides moral values. No level of education can fix this primitive instinct.

Now, just imagine if there was no police force or armies to keep people at bay. Total anarchy.

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Help thy fellow man? Well that went out the door. I can understand the anger, fear and concerns but it is channeled at the wrong people, whereas the fault lies on their government. The people are defenseless to fight back against their own oppression simply no arms. The government owns all the weapons and controls the military. It would take its own military might to say not to their own leaders they rule not the government. Question is who will lead or guide them to end the oppression of its own fellow countrymen.

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If they want virus exposure so bad the stone throwers should join the quarantine.

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@alexeinzUS influence in Ukraine... just like they helped nazis murder jews back then...

That's a new one. Most history I've read said it was Stalin's forces that murdered so many of his own citizens. Can you provide a link?

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That's a new one. Most history I've read said it was Stalin's forces that murdered so many of his own citizens. Can you provide a link?

Ukraine was brutalized by both the Nazis and Stalin.

And sadly, talk of collaborators is apparently not allowed.

I suggest those who are not aware of the sad history in that country read authors like Laurence Rees.

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The collaboration between Nazis and some Ukrainians is well-documented. And even today, there are far right nationalists operating in Ukraine, and of course, Russia.

Speaking of which, Russian politician and thorn in Putin's side Alexei Navalny has caused concern in the past for speaking at far right events. As I said before, it's a murky, grey area.

Which brings us back to the despicable behavior of this mob, hurling stones at innocent people.

Fear and ignorance can be used to whip the less intelligent up into a frenzy. But we should never be complacent and think that racism etc is just something dumb people do. There are very clever people out there, stoking the fires of hatred.

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Snyder claims Stalin killed more than Hitler. Pure evil - and he's lauded today.

Lauded in Russia, for sure but only die hard, head-in-the sand types outside of Russia would have anything good to say about the monster.

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Apparently inflamed by an email hoax

"Coronavirus email hoax led to violent protests in Ukraine - Protestors blocked the arrival of evacuees from China"

An email that appeared to come from Ukraine’s ministry of health containing false information about coronavirus cases in the country led to a number of violent protests and standoffs with police

The email originated from outside Ukraine, according to a government statement, and it falsely claimed there were five cases of coronavirus in the country. In reality, there have been zero reported cases of the virus in Ukraine. But the email was sent the same day evacuees from China landed in the country

To try and calm citizens, Ukraine’s Center for Public Health released a statement saying reports of five cases of coronavirus were false, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky published a Facebook post saying the evacuees were all healthy and that they would be quarantined for two weeks out of extra caution. Zelensky also urged citizens not to block their arrival.

With so many people searching for information online about coronavirus, there is continued risk that people may come across misinformation and hoaxes about the disease, especially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter that are ill-equipped to handle fast-changing global news events and the flood of user-generated posts that accompany them. Recode has put together a good summary of some of the most pervasive corona virus hoaxes that have been widely shared.

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