Victoria becomes Australia's first state to legalise euthanasia


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...under a Labour government.

I would not be surprised to see a reversal under an LNP conservative state government since there are a lot of Catholics in the LNP.

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Well I hope there are a mass of checks and balances for this - last thing we need to read about is someone having a bad day and topping themselves in one of these places.

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Well done Vic!

"For too long, we have denied, to too many, the compassion, the control, the power that should be theirs in those final moments of their life," he said. "I'm proud today that we have put compassion right at the centre of our parliamentary and our political process. That is politics at its best."

This. Gotta say Victoria has been leading the way in education, health, equality, transport etc for many, many years. They do get things done.

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Another great step taken in Australia !

I don't even understand why there is so much debate about euthanasia actually.

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Nope, should be left up to the family, I think this is a bad move.

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should be left up to the family

Care to explain, bass. One of the most vocal arguments I've heard against this type of legislation is that family members will put pressure on an old and frail person to go ahead and do it. I can perhaps understand a requirement that next of kin (spouse or children) should agree in addition to the person concerned. Was that what you were meaning?

Similar legislation failed to pass twice in Scotland. I was seriously disappointed. Unfortunately, the person who was trying to push the legislation has since died of Parkinson's. No other politicians seem to be stepping up to the plate.

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Well done to Victoria.

Good news for people who want to die with dignity. And it will be their choice, too.

Those who don't like it, well, you can chose what to do when your time comes. If you wish to remain in agony with a poor quality of life etc - completely down to you.

I know what I'll be doing.

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Anyone recall the old TV Series "Logan's run" ? I hope that type of situation will never arise.

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An Enterprise hires 10 Doctors, (not necessarily based in Australia) who will sign off whatever they're asked to. Another "Doctor" will certify that the patient was too incompetent to administer the self-euthanasia themselves, thereby justifying their involvement in the matter.

What a great way to avoid having to pay long term medical expenses, and euthanasia probably invalidates any Life Insurance Policy too.

There really needs to be some careful thinking out of the box for ways the system could be abused in order to avoid a form of Legalised Murder.

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