WHO warns 1st wave of pandemic not over as infections surge in Brazil, India


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Death tolls in both Brazil and India are still relatively low, compared to those in some European countries and US.

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India is doing very great job in testing and curing compared to other wealthy countries from the west ... !

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Shouldn't it be the other way around?


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Oh, but everything will be better once the weather starts warming up....oh...wait...

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Aiming to entice travelers, Greek authorities will introduce cheaper tickets for sea travel from the mainland to Greek islands on June 1.

Huh? Sea travel? Didn't they hear about a couple of Princess ships cases? I'd rather fly than by boat.Though the hassle of the new restri....

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In Brazil, where President Jair Bosonaro has raged against state and local leaders enforcing stay-at-home measures, 

Another far right authoritarian.

I can think of several other authoritarian states around the globe using similar tactics, leaders more concerned about their personal wealth and that of their fellow 'elite' than the health of their general populations. India, China, Russia, the UK, the US come to mind.

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Who will continue to listen to the WHO anyway?

Maybe its best friend China!

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People and doctors focused on cancer too much and overlooked danger of infectious diseases by viruses. Study about viruses must be strengthened.

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Unful, Monty, nobody told the CDC to be incompetent, and not have a logically response, did not have a working test, when the world offered the US one

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Poor "leadership" is the main problem in many places.

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india ??? india is the one of the most underdeveloped coutries in the world.

india government measures against covid-19 are not very good either.

if the government takes huge steps against covid-19,this time people are going to die of hunger.

either way ,people will die. unfortunately this is the reality.

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Millions of Indian day labourers left without work, money, food and banned from using transport to get back to their villages.

Read a story of a 15 year young girl who cycled 1300 km to get her sick father and take him back home.

The village gave her four new bicycles and also the government are building a toilet for her family home.

Ivanka Trump gets called "ignorant" for tweet praising migrants hard journey home on cycle.

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Daily wage workers are common in my country too. Workers who struggle to out food on the table on a regular basis even during normal times.

Lockdown is a death sentence for many.

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That is exactly what I said yesterday in my post on another thread, that food on the table is the most important thing.

But many people here complaint!

Lockdown is a death sentence for many!

100% agree!

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Belgium has over 800 corona deaths per million people.

India has 3.

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Their hot and humid weather might have something to do with it.

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Belgium has over 800 corona deaths per million people.

India has 3.

Age is a massive factor, maybe even the main one, in Covid-19 death rates.

Belgium has an ageing population (median 41.9 years). India has a youthful one (median 28.4 years).

Belgium population over 60, 25%. India population over 60, 8.6%.

Plus, India (and Brazil) are at a much earlier stage of their epidemic. Belgium (and similar disaster cases like the Netherlands) are closer to the end of theirs.

Hopefully India's rates will remain low, and Belgium's will continue to flatten. There need to be a lot of questions asked of many Governments and their responses to Covid-19, once this is over.

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In Brazil, where President Jair Bosonaro has raged against state and local leaders 

Aptly renamed the president?

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In the history of pandemics, there's usually more than 1 wave - that's why at least a 2nd wave is expected

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The WHO has no credibility until it rids itself of the CCP virus.

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