Who's getting North Korea's summit bill?

By Elizabeth Law

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The U.S. has insisted it will not foot the bill 

Good! Now you know how Mexico feels for having to pay something they don't want.

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They can test and build hydrogen bombs? But they cannot pay for the hotel accommodations?

Why can’t KJU and DJT share a room at Donnie’s expense? The two can call each other names all night long, have a pillow fight and give an interesting presser in the morning.

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Well Donald doesn't pay his bills anyhow sure that Kim wont maybe Mexico can pay for it?

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The various governments involved should foot the bill. Not the people.

That's if it actually goes ahead.

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Remind me not to go drinking with Kim Jong Un. Perhaps Dennis Rodman could help?

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There are not so expensive lodging facilities in Little India - shared bathrooms and toast and tea included for breakfast for perhaps 50-60 SGD per nite. KJU could afford that.

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The fatty Kim does not deserve a presidential suite.

Its just like that time when CEO of big 3 auto went to DC on a private plane to ask for a bailout. Fatty Kim is going to Singapore on a private plane with someone elses money to ask for handouts

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This is ridiculous

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The fatty Kim does not deserve a presidential suite.

It's an international summit, where despite the men involved, they deserve the proper diplomatic decorum and treatment.

Not sure what anyone's weight has to do with it, mind, otherwise someone would have mentioned the other fella's as well.

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All very true, Toasted, but the question still remains. Who will pay DPRK's expenses?

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One of Chump's top three recent statements confirming he is a few beers short of a six-pack:

'I think I'm very well prepared. I don't think I have to prepare very much.' (regarding the upcoming Kim meeting).

Poor America. The complete and utter embarrassment continues unabated.

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