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Zelenskky says Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine has begun


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Is Russia/Putin so desperate now that it needs not only to deceive its own people, but to deceive other countries' people too?

I say Ukraine need not worry, sanctions is working very well, as well as Biden's nap, all the troops and missiles funded by Germany's dirty gas money is all imaginary. The sanctions are working, yes really, sanctions are terrific, and will defeat Russia, even with help from Germany.

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If Russia stops fighting, there is no more war.

If Ukraine stops fighting, there is no more Ukraine.

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Putin never learns.

Nor do those in his cult, but extreme rightists have never been known for their intellectual skills, have they? They've long thought eliminating a group they've decided through their convoluted decision making processes is an enemy would solve their problems. They take the lesser primate approach to dealing with territorial disputes.

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They didn't want to take Kyiv they wanted to damaged it.

But they will take Dombass.

No iam not supporting Putin

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 far right battalions look like complete heroes defending their country, people, and our freedoms too,

"Our freedoms"... LOOOOOL !!!..

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Shimon,80 percent of the shipped too European,are trans shipped through Ukraine,why Ukraine do shut the pipeline down and let it blow up in Russia,under pressure, because it has no where to go Google Shutdown Russian Gas Line Too European

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Spread the news. The Russians are liars. Not news? I don’t care. Spread it again.


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No iam not supporting Putin

Anyone that needs to add this to the end of every post is most likely doing just the opposite of what it says!

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Zelenskyy says ..

This war is being fought on Russia's timeline. In time(weeks? Months?) the Dombass will become defacto Russia. Fighting a war you cannot win is pointless. A realization of the cold hard facts now may enable him to keep Odessa.. And prevent countless lives being lost on both sides. The western arms are not going to change the result. The S300 missiles were destroyed before they could even be deployed. Yesterday's bombing of Lviv were arm shipments going up in smoke

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Russian misery will last long after they've destroyed Ukraine. Win or lose they are the new pariah of the world and the sanctions will hurt long after they kill the last Ukrainian innocent.

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Russian invaders in the battlefields are fighting for only the sake of saving the face of Putin and Z-bandits. They are ruining Russia's civilisation and glory. Go home now.

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@Eastman: "Who said so?" (Zelenskyy just passing along information received from the front lines of the homeland defenders. )


“This morning, almost along the whole front line of the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, the occupiers attempted to break through our defences,” Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s national security council, was quoted as telling Ukrainian media on Monday.


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