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Police officer, sheriff's deputy and suspect killed in shootout in upstate New York


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Eastman Today  03:54 pm JST

another usual day in USA.

why this is considered as newsworthy?

It's not usual for two police officers to be killed in the same incident.

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Shootouts with suspects is pretty usual in that country.

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^^for 'pretty usual,' please read, 'not uncommon.' Sorry, I'm not choosing my words very well this evening.

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Gunfights are unusual in any specific location of the US, but there is probably one daily across the 330M people. I haven't seen nor heard a gunshot in public in the US outside of the gun range in at least a decade.

If someone in Sapporo knifes someone while committing a crime, should everyone in Tokyo be called a blade nutter? Grouping everyone in a country into the same basket isn't helpful. We will be told what the suspect was hiding. At a minimum, he evaded police attempts to stop his vehicle, which had multiple firearms inside.

The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports the officers were the first law enforcement officers to be killed in the line of duty in Onondaga County since Officer Wallie Howard Jr. was shot to death during an undercover drug operation in October 1990.

Hardly a daily occurrence in that town, as other posters would like to suggest.

The movies and TV shows with shootings are just TV and movies. It isn't part of daily life for 99% of America in 99% of the USA.

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No...America does have a gun problem

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