Russian fighter jet fired flares at U.S. drone over Syria, U.S. military says


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Stay safe guys

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On Monday, Syrian state news agency SANA reported that residents protested in the town of al-Mayadeen, in Deir Ez-Zor province, “in rejection of the American occupation of Syrian lands,” 

First of all, condolences to the US air force drone operators who are no doubt traumatized by this encounter and had their feelings hurt.

But the US has no business in sovereign Syrian territory. The UN recognized Syrian government have clearly stated that they consider the US to be an invading force while the Russians have been officially and legally invited to fly their plans in Syrian airspace.

The US should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.

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So, if an American military plane fired a warning shot at a Russian military plane flying in Canadian airspace, it would be the American plane that was acting aggressively?

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What a bunch of wussy pilots the Russians are! The slow moving drones are the only thing the Russian pilots are capable of fighting against.

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The USA should leave the middle east and go back to selling them weapons. All they know is war, war, war. Half of American wars are doing something for some one in the middle east. Let them kill them selves. They are good at it. We don't need dead Americans, especially in Syria. ISIS will come back, the Taliban will try to expand and Iran and Saudi Arabia can solve their own regional problems.

If they continue terrorist attacks on Americans send a few B-52's to level a city. If it continues level a few more cities. Make sure it is not a zero sum game. No need to pretend to be Mr. nice guy. An announcement something like for every American who dies from a middle eastern originated terror attack, our goal will be to kill 10 of your people. Then do it. There is no way to stop these people history shows.

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"All they know is war, war, war . . .!

Yeah, there's some truth to that. The Americans have had a short but rather bloody history. As a country that stands for freedom and peach, there are a lot of blood stains on that flag. Should the USA self-isolate and crawl into its shell and stay focused on the Western Hemisphere? There are some people who do feel that way and would love nothing better than to self-isolate. The USA has done that a couple times. Once before WWI and again before WWII. Guess what? Each time the USA did self-isolate, there was a world war. At the moment, Russia in Europe and China in Asia look more dangerous (IMO) than the USA does in the Western Hemisphere. As warlike as the USA might be, it's not invading Canada or Mexico, is it? Can the same be said about Russia or China?

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Easy fix - add a couple AIM-9X missiles under each SU-35 go down in flames...

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