Woman riding lawnmower is struck and killed by wing of plane in Oklahoma


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I would be curious if the lawnmower operator had a radio on her. She should have and should have been aware there was an airplane landing so she could avoid it or tell the pilot to be aware of her presence next to the runway.

The airport is not tower controlled and has no published instrument approach procedure. It doesn't even have fuel available. It has no controlled airspace. A pilot intending to land there would make a call on a published radio frequency called a "Unicom" to tell any traffic in the area where they are relative to the airport and what runway they are intending to land on. It is up to pilots to visually clear themselves when entering the landing pattern and when landing. Departing aircraft would make a radio call to say they are taxiing and again to say they are taking off from runway whatever.

Any aircraft on the ground and ground vehicles should be monitoring the same frequency for situational awareness. A pilot starting his or her airplane up intending to depart would want to know there is another airplane in the landing pattern and coordinate with them. Anybody in a ground vehicle driving on or around anyplace aircraft might operate should have a radio with them monitoring the same frequency to avoid collisions.

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The airport has fuel. A sad tragic accident that should not have happened.

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Airport directories are inconsistent on services. This directory says there are no services.

While this one says jet fuel and avgas (100 LL) are both available.

This one says avgas (100 LL) is available 24 hrs a day and jet is available upon request, which tells me you call ahead and they have a truck come in from somewhere else to fuel you.

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A sad tragic accident that should not have happened

You can almost picture it. The lady riding the lawnmower can't hear anything due to the engine on the mower. Engrossed in her work she is unaware a plane is landing. The pilot doesn't see her until he has flared and chopped power, then when he sees her rams the throttle to the stop hoping he can get off the runway before he hits her.

If the mower operator had been using a radio tuned to the Unicom frequency she would have known a plane was landing. Every airport I have ever worked around requires you to have radio comms with ground control before driving out where aircraft operate. While this airport doesn't have a tower or ground control the simple expedient of carrying a VHF radio tuned to Unicom could have prevented this tragedy.

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if you use Google Maps there is a photo of a fuel filling station 24/7. There are also landing lights.

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At an uncontrolled airport (no control tower) there is no ground control officer either. The mandated procedure for landing at such requires radioing the local ATC of your intent, doing a flyover to check the runway area is clear, and then coming around to land.

If this airport is such, responsibility is entirely on the pilot.

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She was a single mom of three.

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