A year after Florida school massacre, gun control remains elusive

By Leila Macor

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Good luck to them

At least young ones finally paying attention to the real world

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Handguns are the main issue according to FBI data. By far, handgun are used in murders. We need to

Mandate detailed, standardized, reporting on any crimes or accidents where a weapon is used. Need facts to make good decisions.

Remove any background check loopholes.

Mandate that private sales go through a registered 3rd party for a nominal fee. These legal transfers already exist, but aren't mandatory in many situations.

Have mandatory notification for mental issues.

Require trigger locks and/or gun safes for all firearms.

Mandate training and certification at least as strict as drivers licensing for all firearm, with much more training required for models likely to be used in crimes, like handguns. The data is clear about handguns.

Hunting rifles and shotguns are seldom used in any criminal activities, based on FBI data. Sharp objects like knives are many times more likely to be used than those 2 types of firearms.

Repealing the 2nd Amendment isn't likely, since 2/3 of voting Americans would need to agree. Together, we should work to make things better. It will require some compromise.

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