Abbas calls on Obama to impose Mideast peace deal


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Who is Abbas? A popular resident in the West Bank? What about Gaza? Who speaks for Gaza? Will there be two Palestinian states? Seems to me that if the Palestinians want action, then they need to get their own act together first.

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No side is able to make any compromise or concession, why bother to expect Obama? He is not God, just a smart American man . He is not capable of giving 100% Jerusalem to Israel and then another 100% to Palestine at the same time.

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Considering Obama takes his marching orders from tel Aviv, that, Mr. Abbas, is most unlikely to happen. Resign!

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Obama's foreign policy is not very different from Bush's one, as he is backed by the same people. (Jewish lobby, Financial Corp., Weapon Industry Complex etc.) America will support Israel in any case.

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The U.S. has proposed so-called proximity talks, in which Mitchell would shuttle between the two sides, in hopes of ending the stalemate and paving the way for direct negotiations.

I love the use of the word 'proximity'. In commercial law proximity determines the relationship between parties. It also resolves the relationship bet. the person and property of plaintiff/ defendant.

But, alas, you'd need more than a polite diplomat just to uncover the so-called 'proximity' when it comes to Mideast peace.

Here's waiting for the next big act :-)

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In an unusually blunt appeal, Abbas said that if Obama believes Palestinian statehood is a vital U.S. interest, then the American leader must take forceful steps to bring it about.

There's nothing blunt about this. Abbas has been calling for 'forceful steps' since Obama's predecessor.

Sadly things just fall on deaf ears...

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