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Abducted Nigerian schoolgirls being forced to marry Islamic extremist abductors


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What an awful incident. Sounds like mass kidnappings and rapes in addition to mass killings are Boko Haram's main methods.

I can't understand how these extremist Muslims can justify their own actions. They are supposedly anti-west and proponents of Islam but nothing they do can be considered to be related to the teachings of Mohammed.

They're nothing but heathen medieval murderers. I hope these girls are rescued and the Boko Haram is wiped off the face of this earth.

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This isn't just Boko Haram doing this. Check up on how this method has been going on with Islamists in India, Thailand, and other countries. Kidnap and raping the girls then in a way forceful conversion by forcing the women into Islam by saying if they don't marry the men who assaulted them, they're families will be shamed for it. Sick doesn't even begin to cover their methods of "conversion" and "winning over' more to Islam.

@Speed, never read the original Qu'ran or hadiths have you? Hate to break it to you, but Mohammed was no humanist, and was in no way a "holy" man. Anyone who tells you he taught peace and love like the Buddha and Jesus is lying outright. Ever since 9/11 Islam has been trying hard to whitewash the original text to make it seem like Mo was on the same level as those two.

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never read the original Qu'ran or hadiths have you?

I doubt YOU have.

Ever since 9/11 Islam has been trying hard to whitewash the original text to make it seem like Mo was on the same >level as those two.

Islam has try.., what or who do you mean by Islam? The islamic texts have not been changed at my knowledge so I doubt there was any attempt to alter anything from the original.

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Boko Haram is acting entirely according to islamic doctrine and tradition. Boko Haram considers itself in a holy war against the infidels, and killing the males and capturing and "marrying" (aka raping) the infidel women is a time-honored practise described in the Haddiths. There is nothing new here; this incident is only shocking to us because it was reported in the Western press.

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Holy?? Marry??

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@afroengineer, as I already know you're a follower of Islam. And as I already know, Islam can't hold up to any logical criticism as many apostates and other evidence have constantly pointed out through the centuries. You of course assume I've never read the Qur'an, and as a matter of fact I have (many different versions) and my first one was given to me in 1996 by my uncle, who just happens to be muslim.

As a person who is interested in many major religious beliefs in the world, I have found Islam to be the most aggressive, subjugative, oppressive and non-peaceful belief system in the world. There are too many examples of Islamic extremism in too many different countries around the world, against too many different people (even against other muslims!) that tries too hard to oppress others and silence any intellectual and logical questioning of it's beliefs. I don't judge muslims by Islam (each individual has their own actions and choices on how to live), I judge Islam by it's core beliefs and the actions if the founder behind it.

Boko Haram and many other extremist groups take many of parts of Mohammed's actual "teachings" to heart. And as historical documentation has been proven through not just Mohammed's own words, but the actions of his followers, it started off "peaceful" untili Mohammed built a large enough army and systematically began to conquer tribes and cities who would not follow his personal beliefs or called him a blasphemer.

You're free to believe that Mohammed was some holy person that never did wrong and never question what the Imams teach in the mosque. But with the actions in this current era with Islamic governed countries, extremism in various countries, the critical statements by apostates, and even a few intellectually driven muslims that are actually honest about the flaws of Islam (they all receive a lot of persecution and death threats... hmmm). It makes too many people wonder what kind of belief gives rise to so much oppression, death, and every kind of sick action against humanity one can think of and have the gall to call it "divine" and righteous "thinking". The Buddha didn't have an army, Jesus didn't have an army... but Mohammed did. That alone speaks volumes of just how different the religious beliefs are from each other.

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