Aboriginal group calls for Sandfire CEO to step down after heritage site damage


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Large corporations will step all over the little people no matter their color, sex, creed or religion and Aboriginal people are no different in that they too will be treated poorly. It is only when a spotlight is directed on such unacceptable behavior that this may improve marginally. But they will delay, object, disagree and hide information to avoid paying compensation for their destructive actions.

Thankfully not all large companies are the same. Some will turn a bad incident into a PR win by helping to make things right without further suffering to whomever was hurt. It would seem that Sandfire is not one of the good ones.

I hope Sandfire are made to pay for damages on a fair scale and then fined at the highest margin to set an example to those who would also step all over the cultural sensitivities of the First Nations people. They have suffered enough injustice over the past centuries and it is time they were treated with honor and real respect.

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Investors are closely watching Australia's management of Aboriginal heritage after Rio Tinto destroyed historically significant rock shelters in 2020.

When you have a long history of massacaring striking miners with help from fascist regimes from Spain, South Africa, Larin America to Papua New Guinea what is a little heritage site destruction?

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