Abuse scandal means tough checks for future popes


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About time - there should be way more checking into who is becoming priests also, and once they are priests there activities should be closely monitored.

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How about no more Popes!

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The number of cardinals under the age of 80 and therefore eligible to vote in a conclave for a new pope—a cardinal’s principal responsibility—now stands at 108 and will dip to 101 by November from a possible total of 120.

It is important to point that among these 100 eligible are all those who are posing as victims of the "anti Catholic Church guerrila" - i.e. we may not expect changes inside Vatican.

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How about just dismantling the Catholic church all together?

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It's sad that it has taken so long. It's even sadder that they would have to do that for "profession" like this one in the first place.

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This church should shut its doors for good.

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I always say "hate the sin and not the sinner," but some of these people are just pure evil and should be expunged.

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A preacher once said, "You have 3 kinds of people in a church. The sheep which follow the shepard, the goats, and the wolves. As a preacher I'm supposed to lead the sheep, discipline the goats, and drive away the wolves"

The Catholic church has always had a lot of wolves and they haven't taken the time to drive them away from eating the sheep and the goats. They've lost crediblity since they've been ignoring the issue and passing it off as lone issues. And they're not the only christian denomination to do so either.

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Translation: That problem? We'll get around to it one of these days.

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